Thursday, January 3, 2019

Sleep On It

We are continuing our series of posts highlighting the best Genuine Faux Farm Phauxtos of 2018.  We hope you have been enjoying both the pictures and the thoughts that have accompanied them.  If you have comments, please feel free to share them with us.

We have been fortunate to be graced by the presence of many fine Farm Supervisors over the years.  We sometimes wonder if we are too soft to be farmers because we actually care for our outdoor feline friends, perhaps a bit too much.  While it might seem otherwise to people that see posts and farm pictures highlighting these critters, we don't spend every moment with the cats.  If we did, they wouldn't have a chance to do what cats seem to do best.

Find all kinds of ways to make a seemingly uncomfortable place become comfortable.

The package of shims were there because I was wondering if they would be happier if I straightened the cabinets out a bit for them.

Well, no.  I am guessing it is not that shimple.  I did my level best to avoid puns during this series of posts, but I just couldn't hold it in.

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