Saturday, January 5, 2019

The Smell of Success

Once upon a time, during our life before the farm (why yes, there was life before the farm, wasn't there), we focused on growing perennial flowers in our gardens.  We took great delight in growing one of these and another of those.  There were a few things that we grew many of.  But, even then, we grew many types of that many.  And we took delight in the fragrance of one Stargazer lily.

Once we started vegetable and poultry farming, we found our time for perennial flowers to be very short.  One of this and one of that were no longer viable garden plans because we couldn't find the time to keep track of what was what, much less keep them weeded.  If we wanted to see something in our gardens on the farm, we needed to opt for larger plants or larger clusters of the same plant.

You see, if you have a dozen Stargazer lilies, the loss of one is no longer the tragedy that it once was.  Certainly, with the level of care being what it is now, we are certain to lose some of our perennial flowering friends every season.  Sometimes, they don't get mulched like they should have been.  Often, the weeds win the battle.  But, we usually provide them enough support to smell the success that is the fragrance of Stargazer lilies.

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