Veg Variety Show

Veggie Variety Show

Long Island Cheese pie pumpkin

Tasty Evergreen tomato

Tolli Sweet pepper

A mix of heirloom hot peppers

Sweet Siberian watermelon

Galeaux d'Eysines winter squash

Black Krim tomato

Musquee de Provence pie pumpkin
German Pink tomato

Beaver Dam hot pepper

Pintung Long eggplant

Wisconsin Lakes pepper
Rainbow swiss chard

Mountain Yellow Sweet watermelon

Cherokee Trail of Tears

Italian Heirloom tomato

Peach Blow Sutton tomato

Red Xpress cabbage

Red Russian kale

Dwarf Blue Scotch kale

Rouge d'Hiver lettuce

Dr Wyche's Yellow tomato

Forellenschus lettuce

St Valery's carrot and the farmer
Amish Deer Tongue lettuce

Rosa Bianca eggplant

Purple Top White Globe turnip

Veronica romanesco

Winter Luxury pie pumpkin

Chervena Chushka sweet pepper

Pride of Wisconsin melon

Touchstone Gold beet

White Wing onion
Goodman Cauliflower

Ailsa Craig sweet onion

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