Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Going Out With A...

Bang or a Wimper?

Which will it be in 2009?

To answer this question, we approached Bob, the flock manager and resident rooster for his opinion. Bob's response is below:

"Clearly, if people around here just listened to me, things would run much more smoothly. But, since I can see that my opinion will be ignored, I will wash my wings of the whole matter."

Since we didn't really feel this answered the question, we approached Doughboy, one of the farm managers and resident cats for his opinion:

"Skritch just a little bit higher. Ya, right there. No, a little lower....lower.... now, to the left a little. Wait! Why'd you quit?"

Again, our investigative reporting came up empty. Since the flowers we saw were mum(s), we walked past them and requested an audience with Kevin the Red (our Bourbon Red turkey):

"Tomatoes! You're bringing tomatoes! I know it! They've got to be there somewhere. Where are the tomatoes?! You didn't bring any tomatoes?! Tomatoes! You're bringing tomatoes! I know...."

Deciding that an infinite loop was not going to help with our quest, we walked past DB....

"....skritch me some more? please? Just a little bit..."

And past Bob...

"...if anyone around here would just ask, I'd tell them...."

...then went and picked some squash.


  1. Funny and well put! Will have to try that around here : )

  2. Good luck - especially with getting the mums to talk...


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