Friday, April 16, 2010

Lhelo Orbin!

T & I were looking at a word scramble this morning as we were eating breakfast. And, we will both readily admit that this is probably not the best idea for either of us - especially with the growing season starting and finals week approaching!

In any event, both of us are reasonably good at puzzles. And, since we knew the topic was animals, the scramble should be a bit easier - right?

Apparently not this morning.

The scramble: binor

Our answer: "orbin"

If you are wondering what an "orbin" is - look in nearly any yard in the Midwest during the day in Spring time. Orbins are hopping around everywhere. Once in a while, you'll see one in a tug of war with an earth "morw" that would rather not be invited to the orbin's breakfast. And, of course, you've heard the sayings about "orbin red-breast" and "two snows on the orbin's tail."

And, don't forget Batman and Orbin - the dynamic duo....

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