Monday, May 3, 2010

Dance of the Seedling Trays

During the months of April and May, we have a very large number of plants that are in trays or pots. And, as plants grow, they get moved around to harden the plants off and prepare them for their lives in the good earth.

Add to this the fact that we are working harder this season to implement better succession planting plans and you have...

the Dance of the Seedling Trays!

There are 10 newly planted trays for lettuce. Currently, they are in the middle of the lawn. They can't stay there - so they have to move. The oldest brassica trays number about 10 and they need to go in the ground during the next couple of days. At present, these reside in carts. The onion starts are in the cold frames, but they also need to go into the ground, so they must be removed from the cold frames. the tomato seedlings need to be transplanted into pots and then put into the coldframes. the peppers and eggplants are very small and will stay under lights with heat mats for a while before they, too, are transplanted. The flowers need to be tranplanted into pots or to the ground soon.

And, there is a lot more to plant in trays very soon.

If we had neighbors living closer to us, they might be a bit amused by the site of what must appear to be pointless tray carrying from one place to another on a nearly daily basis.

Ok, I suspect our neighbors are amused anyway.

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