Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mr Wren's Day

Staff Writer: Mr Wren's Day

Rob is currently out standing in his field (still/again). Mr. Wren has agreed to contribute to this month's newsletter by outlining a typical day in his busy life. Reprinted from our August 2008 newsletter by popular request - AND in honor of Mr.Wren's return to the farm on the first of May.

4:45 AM - Get up

4:46 AM - Sing about the upcoming day. Remind the lazy/sleepy humans that they should get moving soon.

5:03 AM - eat a tasty gnat or two

5:04 AM - Sing about how gullible gnats can be

5:36 AM - Gather twigs for the nest, making sure to sing about each acquisition

5:57 AM - My, that was a tasty...what was that thing? It had six legs - whatever.

5:59 AM - sing about the tasty six-legged thing

6:13 AM - be amused by the sleepy looking human

6:14 AM - sing about morning, in an effort to wake the human further

6:15 AM - look industrious in an effort to provide a positive role model for the human

6:16 AM - sing about my good deed for the day

continued singing/eating/nest building

7:24 AM - Scold the cat

7:26 AM - sing about my bravery while flitting wildly from branch to branch in an effort to impress Mrs Wren

7:32 AM - take a break - Mrs Wren isn't buying it

7:44 AM - write a newsletter entry - then go about my business for the remainder of the day.

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