Saturday, July 31, 2010

Additional Odd Observations on the Farm

  • Cocoa, an honorary farm manager of the farm (I.E. cat who lives on the farm) has a spot where we can skritch her and her tongue sticks out involuntarily. Mildly amusing.
  • During one of our rain storms we had some branches come down out of the oak trees. One hit the ground a bit like a lawn dart. We called it our "stick in the mud." Maybe a bit less amusing - especially to all of you.
  • I-rony on the I-pod: having it randomly select "This is How the Work Gets Done" (Charlie Peacock) and "Progress" (AD) as the crew put down grass mulch to finish off a weeded row of beans. But, when it hit "We Are the Champions" (Queen), I felt that was a bit much.
  • At least the ducks like the extra rain. One mini pond is currently encompassed by the electric fence we use to keep 'enemies of the duck' out. This was, in their opinion, a good thing.

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