Thursday, July 8, 2010

High Tunnel Field Day 1 (Build Day 2)

Day 1 of the GFF/PFI Movable High Tunnel Build Field Day is completed. Rather than typing much, we'll give you some pictures.

The high tunnel appeared to have some assembly required. And, they informed us that just adding water would not work. (we tried that on Wednesday)

Wednesday was actually the first day for the build. Things were done to get the high tunnel started, site prepped, etc. so that we could actually complete the ambitious schedule for the 2 day field day. The south wall is partially laid out here next to the unanchored v-track on Thus morning.

Thursday AM, this is what our high tunnel looked like.

Lots of willing hands made it easier to move the bows into place.

There was a sighting of the superhero "Bandsaw Man."

And, by the end of the day on Thursday, we actually had a structure that...well, looked like a high tunnel!

We were even able to take it out for a test drive. Yes, two people CAN move this thing.

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