Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wait! This isn't farm related!

We've been asked every so often what we do to relax. 

Since not everyone believes me when I say we weed, we thought we'd bring up the Ticket to Ride thing again.  Tammy and I both still enjoy these games and we are beginning to play more often now that the daylight goes away earlier.  We do still tend to play these games cooperatively when we play each other.  But, it is a different matter when Rob plays online.

In fact, I was given the opportunity to play for one of three US teams in the Nation's Cup tournament that is going on now.   All games are head to head (two players, one from each team).  Players are matched up to play a best of five match.  There are five players from each team to make a 'clash.'  It is set up similar to many soccer style tournaments - so we are in the round robin phase right now.

Thus far, USA Team II has won two clashes and lost one.  The loss versus Germany's Team II and the wins versus Italy and Switzerland.  I have played two matches and gotten two wins for the team. 

Here's hoping my luck (and concentration) holds out! 

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