Thursday, December 2, 2010

This could be interesting.

We have a Harvest Market scheduled in Waverly this Saturday, December 4.  It is indoors (the community center) from 8:30-11:30.  So, what will be interesting about it?

The Winter Storm Watch we a currently under.   Farmers' Market.  Winter Storm.  Farmers' Market.  Winter Storm.  hmmmmmmmmmm.

This is a totally new concept for us.  There is also the issue of figuring out when/how we can pick for this market.  We don't want to pick the lettuce when it is frozen. But, it will be cold and there will NOT be sunshine.  so, the tunnel will not warm up tomorrow.  This gives us two very real possibilities.

1. We won't be able to pick anything for the market - so we will have nothing to sell.  But, we still have to open up the building and be there to close it down.
2. We'll manage to get things picked, but the winter storm might shut down the market OR it might keep us from getting to the market.

Sorry, but my normal farmers' market mentality has done nothing to prepare me for this.

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