Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Traveling for the Amused

Recently, Tammy and I have done a bit of traveling.  So, consider this a notice that we have been traveling and we're trying to catch up on things.  But, since THAT is not really worth reading - we'll do something to make it more interesting by bringing you:


Tanks for the Memories:  We drove past a sign for a military weaponry/equipment museum.  We really think they missed the boat by failing to use this tag line.

Sillicoon Valley: And, the winner of noticing a good tagline or name when you see it goes to the tech/computer service company in Coon Valley.  Fabulous.  I think I laughed about this on and off for a half hour.

Skyline or Goldstar?: Only people who have gone to Cincinnati and had Cincinnati chili can answer this question.  Without a doubt, Skyline.  But, why do they call it chili?  And, I eat it for the cheese.

We love cheese, really we do...:  For those who grew up watching Loony Toons you might recognize this line.  Tammy and I can't help but quote it when we are in Wisconsin...after purchasing FRESH (made same day) cheese curds.  Ah, the squeaking!

Signs of the Times:  We found it interesting that a high percentage of billboard signs on our route were not being used.  Unless you count the company that rents the signs out advertising that you could use their sign.

Overheard at the Organic Farming Conference (part 1): "It sure is nice to interact with other farmers and not have to argue about spraying issues."

Overheard at the Organic Farming Conference (part 2): "I don't understand why the inspector didn't approve our application (for organic certification (we presume)).  We only spray when there is a problem." (and yes, they were soon educated)

Overheard at the BPD Conference (for Social Work Educators): "I went around the block and came back here..."  (imagine that)

Shifty: All we can say is this.  If you are used to a manual transmission and you are stuck driving an automatic for an extended drive... you WILL frequently attempt to push in the imaginary clutch and you WILL reach for a stick shift.  Even if you verbally tell yourself not to do it.

Stop that TEXTING I really MEAN IT!: This one isn't meant to be funny.  Because it isn't.  We encountered many drivers that had inconsistent speeds and didn't always stay in their lane.  Our tendency is to take the opportunity to pass and get away from those autos at our earliest opportunity to safely do so.  What was the common denominator for each of those occurrences?  The driver was alone in the car and staring down at a phone or other device to read or send text messages. 

Least used part of a hotel/motel room?: It has to be the closet.  You're staying for one, maybe two nights.  You're living out of a suitcase.  And, no other place smells more like a hotel/motel than the closet.

How to get attention in a crowded room?: Walk into the room with a heavy duty chopping hoe in your hands.  Works every time.

How to get attention in a less than crowded room?:  Juggle the muffin in your hands in an attempt to NOT drop it.  Everyone knows what I mean here...you start to drop it, but make a quick motion to catch it, but it pops up into the air and you....reach to catch it, but it bounces out of your hand again (etc etc).  There was a smattering of applause when I did manage to get the muffin under control.  I was tempted to bow, but remembered the glass of liquid in my other hand in time.

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