Wednesday, June 29, 2011

All We Are Saying...

We are hunting around for a theme for this blog post and have failed to come up with one.  So, it may be disjointed.  Or maybe datjointed.

  • The crew spent most of its time today in the pea/cucumber field weeding.  We're not terribly pleased with the germination levels we have found there, but there is still something growing that should produce for us.  Either way, we did what we could to "give peas a chance."
  • One chicken to another, "Yep, that Clyde, he sure had guts."  Further explanation not likely forthcoming.
  • We are not sure whether this is a good or bad thing.  But, both Tammy and Rob had Robin Hood: Men in Tights movie lines going through our heads today. "So, why don't you fox them?"  or "Unlike some 'Robin Hoods,' I can speak with an English accent."
  • Canadian Thistle is one of our arch enemies on the farm.  During a presentation about weed control, the presenter noted that his college had a graduate student do an 'archeological dig' on a 30 foot by 30 foot patch of Canadian Thistle.  The student had to dig 30 feet down to get the last piece of root.  That patch had 10 miles of roots and the average depth was 10 feet.  It only takes a 1/4 inch piece of root tuber to start a new plant. 
  • We have noticed that one of the few plants that suppress Canadian Thistle is Crab Grass.....  As Anden said so well, "The enemy of our enemy is.....uh... still our enemy."
  • We were musing about songs we should rewrite with new lyrics.  One of the finalists is "Who Let the Birds Out."  Who indeed?
  • If you are amazed that we have time for musings.  Consider this:  Today we weeded about 1200 feet of peppers and eggplant, 400 feet of peas (of which half had canadian thistle and half had crab grass) and 500 feet of cucumbers.  One way to take your mind off of the thistles biting into your hand is to consider new songs to mutilate in the interest of scaring people with poor attempts at humor!  ah.... perhaps I can do a song about thistles?
  • We feel the pain of our friends to the south.  Thirteen inches of rain during the last storm system.  We remember this happening to us last year.  And we'd much rather it didn't happen to anyone....
  • Ironically, I'm beginning to think about looking (quietly) at the irrigation equipment again.  The last time I took time with it, it started raining and never quit (or so it seems).  When was that?  August of 2007.  Eeek!  Maybe not?
  • Have you seen Paint Your Wagon?  If so, why?
  • Thanks for the fish.  (you know who you are!)
  • I must go do chores now.  Funny thing about chores and farms.  You can work hard all day and feel like you put a good day in.  But, you still have to do the chores.  


    1. Perhaps you could find a bored neighborhood kid to dig up the thistles... when we were kids, my dad paid my brother 5c a piece. I'm not sure how quickly it added up, but I always wondered who came out ahead... (I think they both claimed victory!)

    2. Ah...this means we need to find some kids in the neighborhood. There are some 2.5 miles away I think!

    3. Fascinating info about Canadian Thistle.

      And, no, I *haven't* seen Paint Your Wagon. Quit asking! :)


    Thank you for your input! We appreciate hearing what you have to say.