Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Poo d'Etat

There is much going on at the farm right now - so we'll do the "news brief" thing for this blog post.  We hope you enjoy!

Three in One?
There are a number of crazy things we find ourselves doing on the farm that make us shake our heads.  For example, if you had told us that we would own and operate three freezers and two refrigerators on the farm even five years ago, we would have laughed.   But, twenty-seven pound turkeys, two batches of broilers, lots of veg freezing, broth freezing, cooperative buys, etc etc....  So, yes, we have three freezers and two refrigerators.  We graduated to ONE freezer today by finally getting everything into the biggest freezer and the freezers that are part of the two refrigerators.  We hope these two will stay OFF until the broilers go to the park.  Oh...and yes.  It WAS a tight fit.

Two Hundred A Day
More or less.  That's what we are hoping we can manage as we transplant tomatoes into four inch pots.  There are about 2000 of them to do.  Then, if the peppers get a move on here, we do them.  And the eggplant.  Hmmmm.  The hardest part is figuring out where to put them all.

Closing at the Opening(s)
One of the things I found most humorous for signs of businesses in small towns were those that said "Open Until Closing," which made me think of this subtitle.  In this case, however, we are talking about openings in buildings on the farm.  If you follow the blog or farm happenings, you know we worked hard to rehab the truck barn last year.  We just never quite got the overhead door put in before Winter (such as it was).  We've also been struggling with the doors on the granary.  Stay tuned, it looks like we'll be getting some doors put up.  While it still goes against Rob's nature to hire someone to do these kinds of projects, that's exactly what we will do.  Why?  Because it won't get done until December if it is left to me....  And, it would likely only be one of the three doors at that.  Sometimes the right call means you pay someone else.

Old house.   Old buildings.  Working farm.  Lots of projects.

And every project has its own domino effect.  If you do any sort of house projects on your own homes, you know what I mean here.  How did stubbing in plumbing for a bathroom turn into replacing the water heater?

Oh.  Well.  I Guess We'll Do Something Else.
The simple (?) project of moving the burn 'barrel' to a new location away from the cold frame area got interesting.  This entailed cleaning up the new area and moving the barrel.  But, our barrel is essentially four heavy pieces of metal that have been bolted together in a rectangular shape using some brackets.  It was here when we moved in, so it's been through a bit.  Let's just say the "barrel" became a flat pile of metal as I tried to move it. 

Poo d-Etat
We are actively trying to build some new poultry rooms in the Poultry Pavilion.  To give you a summary... the building started as an open front machine shed.  It was closed up in the 1980's (we think) and made into a hog confinement.  We arrive and kicked the hogs out.  Unfortunately, some of the modifications made to the building (and time) have provided raccoons with some nice places to live.

So, what is the problem with that exactly?  Other than the fact that we fight them every year as they get into the chickens?  Let me put it this way.  Raccoons don't go outside to use the bathroom.

So, you know all of those spots that look like they've gotten REALLY wet in the ceiling?  Yep, the spots that actually have holes starting and the insulation falling through?  That isn't from a leaky roof.  It's from a raccoon leaking....  And remember, when you ask a raccoon "Number 1 or number 2?"  It will usually say, "Both."

What was a highlight of the day?  Pulling down lots of that ceiling so we can have a shot at putting together a good room for the birds.

What a wonderful smell I've discovered.  Maybe it should have been

Pew d-Etat?


  1. Lovely. I'm glad I read this *after* I helped out. No really; I am.

  2. Ah, it was sterilized by the time you got there....

    It's all good.

    Hey, I could have called you to help pull the ceiling down!


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