Thursday, May 3, 2012

Slivers and Onions

It's 9:06 PM.  Do you know where your farmers are?

Well, this one is at the computer, typing a blog post.  The other one is getting to take a shower after a long day.  We flipped a chicken to see who got the first shower.  Heads, Tammy got to shower first, tails, I got to shower first.  While Tammy was trying to catch the chicken, I ran inside and took a shower.

The rain we've had the last couple of weeks has our fields pretty wet - making it very hard to get into the field to plant.  This happens every year.  Here's hoping we can hit it right.

We've spent quality time in the Poultry Pavilion the last several days.  Happily, it hasn't just been Tammy and myself working in there.  My dad, the best dad IN THE WORLD... ok, ok.. You can all argue for your fathers as well and we'll agree in the end that they are ALL the best.

Now that I've been sidetracked.  Let's get back to the point of this section.  We've had some wonderful help from my parents the last couple of weeks, and it has been deeply appreciated.  We also made a request of the fine, upstanding Dr. Ben, who was kind enough to come and help us put tin on the ceiling of the new chicken room.

We've all gotten to improve the muscles that involve holding arms over our heads.  Isometrics anyone?  And, yes, we've been working with alot of old lumber - hence lots of opportunities for splinters.  We also got to take down ceiling (mentioned in the prior post as the Poo d'Etat).  The room is getting closer, but these things always take so much longer than we'd like.  The birds need that room - probably yesterday.

The annual dance of the seedling trays is in full swing.  We have many trays of onions and other plants looking for the chance to go into the ground.  Until they do, we have to keep them safe, watered and healthy.  The great transplant of tomatoes into pots is continuing - but has stalled a bit with the Poultry Pavilion, among other things, taking priority.

But, by way of a quick field/farm report.  We have managed to put in another 400 feet of spinach, 200 feet of kale, 200 feet of chard, 200 feet of radish and a mixed 200 foot row of arugula, mustard and calaloo.  The older planting of spinach should be able to be picked by next Saturday, as should arugula and mustard and radish from that planting.

The Spring crops in the high tunnel are winding down, but there is still some excellent lettuce in there!  Asparagus is happy.

Other Stuff
  • Our little Honda (we named him Clyde) had its first semi-major issue.  Not bad given it has 150K miles on him.  Something about the key not wanting to go into the ignition when it is out and not wanting to come out when it is in.  Just got him back today.  
  • We have a new water heater in the house.  Finally, we got the 40 year old water heater replaced.  We even managed to do it before the old water heater decided to rust out and turn it into an 'emergency.'  But, you have to wonder.  We made the decision to do the water heater and Clyde decided to have his little 'issue.'  Timing is everything.
  • The first Waverly Farmers' Market is this Saturday.  Half will be at the regular location and the other half will be at the W with the Health Fair (to promote the Farmers' market).  We will be at the W.  At present, the plan is for Tammy to be inside and Rob will be outside.
  • Another 3000 lbs of feed picked up from Frantzen Farms north of New Hampton.  Must be that time of year.
  • We just heard from Eric at Hansen's Outlet that there is still Bronze Arrowhead lettuce from our last delivery available there.  Go get it folks!  They are big, beautiful heads of lettuce, alot of goodness there.  
  • Waverly Child Care got a nice batch of lettuce from us today.  Once the spinach gets going, they'll be getting some of that too!
  • Week 5 of the Spring CSA is completed and we're pleased with the value our members have gotten this Spring.  And, the asparagus is just getting going.  
  • Asparagus, asparagus!  There's something funny about asparagus.....
  • The kids cooking class appeared to go well last Sunday.  Those of you who attended, please feel free to give us feedback.  We'd be happy to sponsor more of these, but we have to know what works so we don't just start shouting at an empty room.
  • The poultry gathering at the farm on Monday also went well. Thanks to Ron Lenth for setting this up and Iowa State Extension for sponsoring this field day.
  • And, the Choir's newest album - The Loudest Sound Ever Heard is getting a work out on our music players.
And now, I bid you all adieu.   It's time to stop typing when you see two of each character you type.

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