Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sometimes, It's About the People

We realize that many of our pictures focus on plants, animals, buildings and the work that happens on the farm.  We often fail to have pictures of the people.  Part of that, of course, is because the people are often the ones who wield the cameras.  And, we're often unsure how much our workers really want their pictures taken.  But, we thought it might be good to give a few looks that show you that *real people* have something to do with the Genuine Faux Farm!

If you haven't seen this magazine cover from 2007, you are missing one of the rare posed pictures of the two of us on our farm.  The irony is how little we have used the cultivating tool in Rob's hand.  The second irony is how clean our clothing is for the middle of a sunny day in Spring/Summer.

They're actually smiling!?
Bandsaw Man at work

Life in Chicken Prison...

Tyler and Jeff are two good friends who work to bring you some of the fresh produce that appears in CSA shares.  Tyler worked on our farm this past summer and helped us put up a couple of gates on the chicken pasture.  Eventually, we all figured out how to get him outside the gate.  Jeff helped us build our first high tunnel in 2010.  He's shown as the superhero "Bandsaw Man," as he wields a tool of mass construction.

Drolets everywhere!
And here as well!

We've had the privilege to have some fine people work on the farm over the past several summers.  And, it is difficult to name too many names for fear that we might leave someone out by accident.  However, we don't think it is a bad idea to mention Denis, Anden and Elliot in our blog.  After all, the Drolet clan has provided a great deal of support over the last several years.  They, at the least, understand why Rob doesn't own jeans without some sort of stain on the knees.
Then there are our fabulous farmer peers.  The group we have dubbed the "Gang of Four."  Why?  Why not?  Those who work in any given profession should have the opportunity to interact with those in the same profession.  We are honored to be able to share some time with the fine fold from Scattergood Friends School, Grinnell Heritage Farm and Blue Gate Farm.  Tyler could put gates on that fence because these folks helped us put the fence up in the first place.  The help and support are wonderful.  But, the friendship is what makes it all worthwhile.

Blue Gate Farm to the rescue!

Mark asks "Why'd you let this get so weedy?"

Andy holds the pole, Dana and Mark give advice.  This time, Rob wields the weapon of mass destruction.
And, we are also pleased that we can host various student groups at the farm.  Sometimes they come for tours and information.  In other cases, they are there to make observations of some of the critters on the farm.  And, many times, they are there to volunteer a little time on the farm.  We always do our best to treat them well and hope that their experiences here are worth their while.  Thank you to all who have volunteered a little time here!
Tuppance a bag?  Naaa.  Just get some bad tomatoes.

We also have some wonderful folk who come visit us during Tom Sawyer Days and during our festival days.  Sometimes we feel like we may not be as outgoing as we think we should be on these days.  But, then, we find out that all we need to do is be ourselves.  Huh.  Surprising that this seems to work and we have cool people coming back every year.  If you haven't attended one of these, watch for the calendar we come up with for next year.

Durnik, the tractor, is always a big hit.

We just had to do this.  For some reason, green carts are a kid magnet.

And of course, all of our CSA members help give us energy to keep going every week.  The positive responses and willingness to share good recipes and successful uses of kale or swiss chard go a long way towards our well being as farmers. 

The farmer saying goodbye to the vegetables as they go to new homes.

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