Saturday, June 21, 2014

Night Lights

There was a gorgeous full moon on Friday the 13th (Rob's Dad's lucky day!).  And, since we were still out working, Tammy thought she'd try to take a picture of two.  The results are interesting.

The settings caused the camera to record a 'shadow' moon onto the picture.  The colors are great and they are fun pictures, so we thought we'd share.

Looks like we live on Tatooine - but too many trees!
We had heard rain in the forecast and we've been trying to get everything done prior to the rain.  We had just secured access to a tractor with lights and we wanted to finish the chisel work in hopes that the next steps would complete soon.  Tammy snapped the picture below while Rob was zipping around.  Headlights do help if you want to work after the sun goes down.

Pictures don't always have to make sense, do they?
Our new addition to the farm is below:

Suggestions for a name?
We finally bit the bullet and applied for financing to acquire a newer tractor.  We'll probably post on it more later.  But, it was becoming apparent that the old Ford 8n was struggling with some of the tasks we were asking it to do.

For those who want to know are might ask, yes, a bucket for this tractor is part of the package.  That was another part of the attraction for this unit.

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