Sunday, September 14, 2014

Painting and Bridges

This is a just a testament to how time flies when we're having fun.  This event occurred a few weeks ago now - and we intended to put the pictures out much, much sooner.  But, that's just the way the blog bounces.  So, here we are, putting it out prior to the next painting event.  Some or all of this group will return on Sep 27 during our GF7 Festival.  We will provide the opportunity for other interested persons to paint during the 'work period' from 2pm to 4pm as well.  All of the painting is, of course, subject to the weather.

The Summer Bridge Program at Wartburg College provides incoming first year students (typically first generation college students) with an opportunity to experience a bit of college before the Fall term starts.  Last year, we were able to provide the Bridge Program students with a tour of the farm - including a chance to see some baby birds.

This year, we had a tour first.  Then, we had a painting day!

Don't forget to prep the building!
Bridge Program participants did a little research on how to paint a building and they came prepared to scrape, sand and paint.  They also got a copy of our logo and designed their own rendition for the side of the granary.

Let's slop a little paint on it too!
Rob & Tammy provided some equipment and the scaffolding.  Otherwise, they were around to help and answer questions as needed.  Once things got going, they went about doing work on the farm while all of these fine people worked on the south side of the building. 

Hmmm.  Something different going on in the middle there.
In a way, we thought it might be interesting for the participants to see some of the things that went on at the farm when the farmers weren't leading a tour.  Often, people come to the farm, get the nickel tour and then leave.  They see what things look like in 'stasis.'  In other words, they see where we left it last during our work.  But, it is quite another thing to be around when work is being done.  We realize they were likely giving most of their attention to the building, but there were tractors moving around, bins getting emptied and all sorts of other things at the same time this was occurring.

I recognize that name!
The first coat of the logo mural was completed before they left and they hope to return for GF7 and put on the second coat.  I guess we'd better have those scaffolding ready for that!

A fine group of people. Please note, a couple attendees had to leave early and missed this photo.  We like them too!
The granary has served as a palette for creativity in the past and we hope it will again in the future.  It helps keep the buidling's siding protected AND it adds a little character.  Not to mention the fun we hope these people had in creating this mural!

That's pretty cool.

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