Friday, September 5, 2014

Summer Festival and Heirloom Tomato Tasting

Now, that's a fair number of choices!

Our annual Summer Festival was highlighted by a tomato tasting table this year.  We've been a bit more informal with this in the past and have done tomato tasting at the farmers market in Waverly.  But, we've always wanted to do a bit more with it at the Summer Fest.  We didn't actually hold a vote like some heirloom tomato tastings do, but we did listen to the comments.

Here's what we heard:

1. Black Cherry - please, please, please start a whole bunch of these plants next year so we can buy them!
2. Tasty Evergreen - is that really ripe?  It is?  Oh my.... that IS gooooooood.
3. Black Krim - I'm not surprised.  It's just a good tomato.
4. Wapsipinicon Peach - I don't want a PIECE of a Wapsi Peach, I want a WHOLE one. (wish granted)
5. German Pink - I'm just imagining putting this one on a BLT.
6. Dr. Wyche's Yellow - Ok, now I'm imagining putting this AND German Pink on a BLT.
7. Are any of these bad?  For some reason, I doubt it.

There were other comments, but these were the ones that I remember at this time and thought were worth publishing.  While we did not vote, we suspect the winner would have been Black Cherry or Tasty Evergreen this year.  But, maybe that's because we heard the loudest comments about them?

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