Critters on the Farm

Critters on the Farm

You will enjoy these pictures.  I, the Sandman, have spoken.
Our farm is primarily a horticultural operation (vegetables), but we also raise chickens and turkeys for meat.  There is a laying hen flock for eggs and we raised ducks at one time.  In addition to the poultry, we have a number of farm supervisors (cats) who make sure the humans are doing what they are supposed to be doing (paying attention to them).

Don't tell the Sandman we put a baby picture on here.

Two members of the Sudsbury Six

Ima Turkey at left.  Jake in center.

Muck and Myra - Rogue Turkeys
Mrrranda - Farm Supervisor
It's only fair to include a baby picture of Mrranda here too.

The Mighty Huntress - Cubbie (RIP 2016)

Muscovey ducklings

Baby turkeys are always curious.  They don't remember, but they're still curious.
Ameracauna chick - eventually, she will lay green eggs.

Mutual Fascination
Hen chicks hatched on the farm in 2012.
Fu the Barred Rock (center right)

The hornworm that ate New York City
Please note: chickens DO like kale - and so should you.
Turkeys preparing for a "Crowd Gobble"

Swallow chicks impersonating Richard Nixon
Hobnob and Bree - Home Supervision Staff
Broiler chickens free-ranging

Dippet and the Dippettes doing a Doo Wop and a Dit Dit Doooo
Penny the Henny - the sky has yet to fall.
A little sun on a cool October day goes a long way.  As does a good place to sleep.
We like our Garter snakes...just not when they are in the bathroom

A mama fox actually had a den on the farm several years ago.
Cucumber Frog lurks - hoping to startle the cucumber picker

Diggle reminds you to stay calm and enjoy your day!
Mrranda shows Tammy how to roll up an electric fence.
Hey... you missed a spot.. See it?  Right there.
We love our bumblebee workers!

And, I'm STILL cooler than ALL of you.

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