Friday, March 26, 2010

Music to Work By

I was noticing that I was really enjoying a run of music on the machine this AM, so I decided to write down a baker's dozen during that stretch. I know - it's not really a farm post. But, I like my music when I am working. And I felt a bit like sharing - so there you are - stuff for a blog post.

Pencil & Paper - Bourgeois Tagg
Time Line - AD
Light Gives Heat - Jars of Clay
Lonely Moon - Kevin Smith
20 Loves - Veil
Walls of Doubt - Daniel Amos
Pride - U2
A Million Stars - Iona
Walk Between the Raindrops - Adam Again
Rachel Delavoryas - Randy Stonehill
Forum - Undercover
Beds Are Burning - Midnight Oil
Dixie Storms - Lone Justice

Bourgeois Tagg has got to be one of the more under appreciated groups from the 1980's-1990's. Very accessible music with good story-telling quality. If you want to find some 'new' music, check out their album Yoyo

AD is one of Kerry Livgren's post-Kansas groups/projects. That man knows how to attract talented musicians. AD's music is like an onion..... layers upon layers (see Shrek if you missed the reference). Nothing but respect for Livgren and his musical ability here.

If you like music with a groove - you have to try Adam Again's Dig. But, it could be even harder to sit still when listening to Forum by Undercover. I love it when a band can push the front and/or back end of the time signature. There is a tension in this song between the percussion and the guitars. The result is an infectious swing.

For lyrical content, it is hard to beat anything written by Mark Heard (Lonely Moon). And, when it is performed by a vocalist with exceptional talent (Smith), you have a winner. But, I am partial to the story telling of Randy Stonehill and also find that Veil is capable of good things lyrically in 20 Loves.

Then there is the hauntingly beautiful violin that opens A Million Stars by Iona. I think this melody and the melody used to represent Rohan in the Lord of the Rings movies are two 'bare bones' string melodies that communicate the feeling of what they represent. We've had the privilege of seeing Iona in concert - tons of musical talent - well worth it.

And possibly the best tune of the group? Dixie Storms by Lone Justice. Yep, lots of good music this morning.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sioux Land Garden Show

Last weekend saw R & T take a road trip to Sioux City for the Sioux Land Garden Show. The drive over on Friday was a bit dicey with some very slick segments of road, but we arrived earlier than we feared we might arrive. That's always a good thing.

The motivation behind the trip was an opportunity for the two of us to present on not one, not two, but three topics on Saturday to interested attendees. The venue was easy to get to and there were some interesting vendors on the display floor (we tried to help them up - sorry, I can't help it - this sort of humor is a disease). And, in general, we found audience members and participants in the show to be friendly, inquisitive and supportive.

This sort of presentation provides R with an opportunity to flex his presentation and teaching skills - something that doesn't happen as much now that he is not teaching regularly. It also provides the two of us a chance to present together - which we enjoy doing. Topics included Heirloom Tomatoes, Harvesting/Storing Produce and Sustainable Gardening. By the time we hit the last presentation we realized people wanted to ask more questions than listen to more declarative we obliged. All in all, we enjoyed the opportunity and hope that people there felt they received something positive as well.

I don't know about T, but I think the Heirloom Tomato talk went extremely well. Anyone else want to hear it while we're on a roll? Ok, maybe next Winter.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Edits in italic

Some years ago, we created t-shirts for the farm and sold a number of them. In reality, most of the shirts we made were given as gifts or used by us. However...

A number of people have suggested to us that they are interested in at least one of our designs to make a return. So, for the sake of argument, here are some t-shirt ideas that we've been playing around with. Any feedback/suggestions?

FOR THAT MATTER - any design submissions based on these ideas? We'd love to hear from you.

Current designs:
1. Minding Your Peas and Cukes

2. They're Real!

3. Farm collage

New Ideas:
1. Fear the Zucchini (this is for you Phil)
2. Organically Grown - Protein Added (picture of broccoli w/ smiling worm sticking out of top)
3. Sasquash (picture a hairy squash with big feet... of course)
4. We've Got the Beet(s)
5. Where Have We Bean All Your Life?
6. It's Ok to Look at Our Brassicas (Adam & Eve w/ strategically placed broccoli, etc)
7. American Gopick (take on American Gothic)
8. Common Tater, Dick Tater, Darth Tater, etc etc (don't forget the little ones - also known as Speck Taters). Now you can choose because only you can tell if this spud's for you.
9. She's my Melon Collie Baby.... sorry, had to - but imagine a puppy sitting on a watermelon....
10. The onion's relative - Frank (only T and I will laugh at this one)

11. Dysfunctional Veg Family - Ma Bell (pepper), Father Thyme, brothers Carrot Top, Cole Robby, sister Mary Gold and Baby ? in a corn crib. Then there is the extended family standing over by the well - we call them our pump kin....
12. Whenever someone makes a mistake, we just give them the rhubarb.
13. You never know when Rudy Bega will turnip.

Don't worry, there's more where those came from.