Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2014 GFF Photos of the Year

The votes are now in!  We took votes via facebook, the blog and via email and here are the winners for 2014!

BUT!  We still need to pick the overall winner!  To vote, simply leave a comment with the letter of the picture you like best.  Or, leave a reply in our facebook posts.  Or, send us an email.

Since these were selected as best in their category, you get to learn a bit more about each!

Best in the Out Standing in Our Field Category
Evening Tomato Harvest
Typically, tomatoes are harvested on the farm mid-afternoon just prior to the final loading of the truck or a CSA Farm Share distribution.  We don't typically end up picking in the evening until September.  And, when that happens, there is usually a farmers market to go to the next morning.  The camera was probably already out on the cart and the evening was shaping up to be a beautiful one.  Tammy decided to grab a picture with Rob in the depths of the tomato forest while the sunset begins to shape up behind the barn.

Best in the Around the Farm Category (first and second place)
High Tunnel Sunset

Both Rob and Tammy saw this color combination and both of us tried our hands at it.  By the time stamps on it, it looks like this one is Rob's.  But, there are some other versions of the same photo that are pretty nice as well.  Iowa sunsets can be very nice, with lots of subtle color variations.  We just liked how the plastic of the high tunnel changed the color a bit.
B) Farming on Tatooine
This is another Tammy photo.  While Rob was trying to get work done on the new tractor (June work days can get very long), Tammy decided to try and get a shot of the full moon as it came up to shine light on our work that night.  It was just an interesting artifact of the lens that leads to a shadow moon in the picture.  Of the tries Tammy made with the camera, this is the one where the shadow moon was strongest and looked the most like a 'real' moon.  It wasn't intentional, but it sure ended up as an interesting picture.  
Best in the Veggie Category
The Perfect Black Krim

Black Krim tomatoes have a tendency to have radial cracking at the top and are rarely blemish free.  They just taste so darned good that anyone who likes a top notch tomato will not care much about the looks.  But, when you find a Black Krim that is this free of problems with this kind of color, you just have to photograph it!  Rob and Tammy reserved this particular tomato for their BLTs that night.  Ok... is your mouth watering yet?

Best in the People Category
Photo Bomber Strikes!
Rob takes most of the pictures on the farm, but Tammy is raking in the awards this year.  I know it has nothing to do with the background of this particular picture, it must be the garlic.  Yep, that's it.  In any event, this was one load of garlic from our 2014 harvest.  I seem to recall that she was asking that I stand by the garlic for the picture.  Apparently, I cannot follow instructions.   Or perhaps, I like to extrapolate too much?  Extrapolate is a great word.  Fun to type, fun to say.  And, a fun picture.
Best in the Critter Category
Ummmm.  You missed a spot
The tables are turned and Tammy shows up in a photo.  Our outdoor cats are pretty friendly once they get to know you - even if they do tend to hide when large numbers of people appear.  Mrrranda decided to be more friendly to the camera than she used to be.  Se actually ran AWAY from the camera when she was a kitten.  Even if she was initially running to the photographer just prior to the appearance of the camera....  This picture may not be the very best for composition or quality, but with the caption, it makes it well worth it.
Best in the Flower Category
Candy Trio
Then, there are flower pictures.  For some reason, flowers caught our attention more this season than some of the others.  There were many good ones to choose from.  We think Rob was more interested in flower pictures this year because we had some help keeping the flower beds looking better.  In other words, we enjoyed them more - which was the goal all along.  If we recall correctly, this day lily is called Strawberry Candy.  Usually, they don't line up in such a tight cluster.  The lighting was right and the background didn't really fight with the rest of the picture.  So, this one works nicely.  We are both big fans of day lilies and iris.  So, if you wonder why so many pictures of different kinds of these show up on our blogs, you know now.

Monday, December 15, 2014

In the News - Meteor Shower Deleted

I sometimes wish I was quicker with pulling out my notepad and pen when amusing things get said or done around the farm.  Given the right mood, the two of us have the ability to take discussions in all sorts of absurdly wonderful directions and I sometimes wish I could remember them well enough to report them and then play with them further on the blog.  After all, if they amused us, won't they amuse you?

Why don't I remember them, you might ask?  Well, if you fall into a giggle fit, your brains fall right out of your ears and you have a case of temporary amnesia. 

However, I do remember one specific conversation a couple of days ago that started with an observation that we could see the stars.  This was particularly noteworthy to us since we knew temps were forecast to be higher than usual for this time of year, but the sun was not forecast to show itself during that period.  Of course, the couple of moments we got with clear skies was at 9:00 at night.  After the typical lament that we would have liked a few moments of sun versus the continual fog, drizzle and overcast/cloudy skies during the day by both of us, Tammy mentioned the fact that there was supposed to be a meteor shower at some point during this time period.  But...


Ooops, you missed one.
This is one of those cases where I know Tammy heard what she was saying.  She just wanted to get to the point sooner without all of the connections that get a person from point A to point B.  But, WHY would you want to let something like that go?  And we didn't let it go - we had fun with it.

So, for everyone out there who was hoping to see a meteor shower recently.  You didn't see it because Tammy DELETED the meteor shower.  It had nothing to do with incessant cloud cover.  So there!

Rob was particularly disappointed because he felt it was about time to take a shower.  So, if the next time you see him and you feel that he is stinking up the place - blame Tammy.  She deleted the shower he was going to take.
I don't care if she deleted it, take a shower anyway!  I, the Sandman, have spoken.

For those who have interest in things like meteor showers, Tammy gets email posts from the Space Weather site.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Best Photos 2014 - Out Standing in our Field Category

Best in the Out Standing in Our Field Category

To vote, simply leave a comment with the letter of the picture you like best.  Or, leave a reply in our facebook posts.  Or, send us an email.
A) The Slope That Wasn't
B) Frost Preparations
C) Evening Tomato Harvest
D) The Onion Weeding Adventure
E) Moving the High Tunnel

Friday, December 12, 2014

Best Photos 2014 - Around the Farm Category

Best in the Around the Farm Category

To vote, simply leave a comment with the letters of the TWO pictures you like best.  Or, leave a reply in our facebook posts.  Or, send us an email.

A) Broccoli and Onions

B) Farming on Tatooine

C) High Tunnel Sunset

D) Coming Unhinged

E) A Fence with No Home

F) Color and Shadow on the Farm

G)Oak Hey!

H) Pleasant Evening on the Farm

I) Hooked Up and Ready to Go

J) Is the the Bucket List they refer to?

K) Gate to Opportunity - or just chickens

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Best Photos of 2014 - Veggie Category

Best in the Veggie Category

To vote, simply leave a comment with the letter of the picture you like best.  Or, leave a reply in our facebook posts.  Or, send us an email.

A) Lettuce Futures Look Good
B) Nebraska Wedding

C) The Perfect Black Krim
D) The Paul Robeson Twins

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Best Photos of 2014 - People Category

Best in the People Category

To vote, simply leave a comment with the letter of the picture you like best.  Or, leave a reply in our facebook posts.  Or, send us an email.

A) Got It Covered

B) Cool Mural!

C) Photo Bomber Strikes!

D) The Weeds Didn't Have a Chance

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Best Photos for 2014 - Critter Category

Best in the Critter Category

To vote, simply leave a comment with the letter of the picture you like best.  Or, leave a reply in our facebook posts.  Or, send us an email.

A) Baby Beeps!
B) Ummmm.  You missed a spot
C) Which way do we orient this picture?
D) The Feline Union Sit-On Event

Monday, December 8, 2014

Best Photos for 2014 - Flower Category

It's time to select the best GFF Photos of 2014!  This is a participatory process and we will accept votes via comments on the blog, responses to our facebook posts or as emails!  So, send the votes on in.  This year, we will have a vote for each category separately.  Last year, you can see that we just threw them all out there and it might have been a bit daunting to register a vote.

Before we get started, other links that may interest you on this GFF topic include:
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First up - the 
Best in the Flower Category

To vote, simply leave a comment with the letter of the picture you like best.  Or, leave a reply in our facebook posts.  Or, send us an email.

A) Bi-color Daylilies
B) Is that Mauve?
C) Gerrrraniums
D) Candy Trio

E) What? Only ONE iris picture?
F) Where have all the petals gone?
G) Cranesbill

Saturday, December 6, 2014

2013 Photo Winners

Well, we took votes, then we got busy and we didn't post results for 2013.  So, before we put candidates out for 2014, we thought we had better post the 'winners' of 2013 on the blog!  Thank you to all of you who submitted votes.  We'll be doing this again for 2014 and we hope we can get even more participants in the selection process. 

Category 1  - Best Critter shot for 2013

Bumblebee Bumbling
Category 2 - Best Veggie Picture of 2013
Carrot top?
Category 3 - Best People Picture

We "Glove" our CSA members
Category 4 - Best Flower Pictures of the Year
Stargazer Lily
Category 6 - Outstanding in Our Fields

Straight row of cucumbers
Category 7 - Best of Travelog for 2013

Napali Coast
Category 8 - Wild Card
Rob's finger froze to the camera

Category 5 - Best of "On The Farm" for 2013
and OVERALL WINNER for 2013 

Garlic harvest