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One of the joys of a regular blog is also one of its shortcomings.  If you visit the blog regularly, you typically get to see the most recent additions and there is usually something new.  For many people, this is a big part of the attraction to blogs and blogging.  On the other hand, there is lots of interesting reading that gets buried rapidly by the weight of new posts.  Sometimes, a very good post gets buried by a number of not so good posts.  That just doesn't seem fair to us.  So, we will attempt to give you some recommendations here, including some sections of post links that highlight some recurring post themes that people seem to enjoy.

Have some fun poking around the blog - and feel free to leave us a comment here or on the posts you visit!

** Hey!  We hope to update our lists prior to the coming new year (2021).  We have so many great posts during 2020 that it is going to take some effort to round up the best for you! **

Our Favorite Posts Through May 2017
  1. A Choice of Litany
  2. Minding Your Peas (and Cukes)
  3. Doing Something Real...
  4. Oh Well! Non-sensically Speaking
  5. Eyes Wide Shut
  6. Mr Wren's Day
  7. The Season for Farmer Delusional Syndrome 
  8. How to Roll Up an Electric Fence
  9. Endurance Tests
  10. VAP
  11. Time to Talk Turkey
  12. Know Your Okra, Know Your Farmer
  13. It's Over, It's Just Beginning
  14. The Sandman Has Spoken
  15. Why'd You Call Me A Drip?
If You Want An Introduction to the Farm
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 When Animals Help With the Blogging
Genuinely Faux Stories
If You Like Puns, These Are For You
Just For Fun
 GFF Farm Terminology Lessons
Genuinely Faux Song Lyrics - Song Lyrics by A Man With A Hat
More Technical Posts About How We Farm
Annual Vegetable Variety Winners
Annual April Fool's Posts
Annual Thanksgiving Post
Annual Best Picture Awards
Annual "Best Medicine" Awards
Annual "Real Medicine" Awards

Top Ten Countdown Year in Review

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