Monday, February 7, 2011

There's Snow Business Like...

We've had a few nice and snowy Winters the last couple of years.  But, this year, I was commenting to Tammy that the snow piles by the side of the drive are looking a bit more like some of the piles we saw when we lived in Minnesota than they have in prior years.  That, of course, got me to thinking about various snow related events that amused me (for some reason).

  • We lived in Duluth for one Winter.  Sometimes, the lake effect snow can result in very light flakes that accumulate rapidly.  One such snow was coming down earlier in the season.  We thought we'd go out and shovel as it came down.  We shoveled towards the road and stopped for a second, looking back to admire our work.  The problem?  We could see very little evidence that we had done *any* shoveling.  hmmmm.
  • That same snow - as we stood for a couple of minutes contemplating hard work that had accomplished little - Tammy noticed that 2 inches of fresh snow piled up on the bill on my cap as we talked.
  • Of course, not people to let an opportunity like this go by - we jumped into the snow.  Unfortunately, we had a hard time getting out.  The snow was so light and fluffy - we couldn't easily find any purchase to get back out! I believe our solution was to roll back towards the driveway where it was not as deep.  See - our shoveling DID do something. 
  • There were record snows in SW Minnesota while we lived there.  As a result the piles on the side of the drive were sizable.  Unfortunately, Rob had surgery on a wrist during the peak of that Winter.  Upon coming home from surgery, we found that the drive was now only wide enough to get out of one side of the car.  Rob got to squirm on his back from one side of the car to the other side - and then out onto the snowy driveway.  This is how you learn how turtles feel when you tip them over onto their shell.
Happy February

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