Sunday, June 5, 2011


Tammy and I completed the Waverly Farmers' Market at midday today.  Well, actually, Rob completed it while Tammy went to the 'ribbon cutting' for the Waverly Community Gardens.  All produce grown there will be donated to the 'food insecure' in our area via the food bank or community dinners.  Various churches or organizations have taken on a plot to maintain.  GFF has taken on two of the 30 foot by 30 foot plots.

After these events we went to lunch in town.  It was there we were reminded how one person with a negative attitude and a desire to spread discord can turn a positive feeling rapidly to a negative one.  We rode out that little storm and sat for a bit longer than usual having a nice conversation.  Score one for us.  We also made sure to tell the beleaguered employees that they were doing fine and not to let one person's bad day ruin theirs.

It's easy to be critical when you don't have to present your critique to the person at whom it is directed.  And it is scary how easy one bad thing can make so many people unhappy for so long.

So... rather than dwell on it - I thought I'd share with you a list of positive things I witnessed being done today:

  • Several people attended the ribbon cutting for the Waverly Community Gardens.  There are some folk who are putting a lot of effort into something that could be very good.  
  • When I arrived at market, other vendors were very quick to move forward to help us put up our pop up tent.  Thank you!
  • More than once a vendor helped direct a person to *a different vendor* to help a customer find what they were looking for.
  • More than once I witnessed vendors helping people carry things to their cars and more than once I witnessed other customers helping each other.
  • I heard many (earned) compliments being given to the vendors at the market.  For those of you who attend such things - these compliments do mean something to us.
  • There were some individuals that stopped at the market just to say 'hello' even though they were leaving town and were not in a position to make purchases.
  • I heard a 4 (or 5) year old say thank you to a non-parental adult *without* being prodded.
  • Even though the day started with hail in Waverly and then a bit of lightning and rain at the beginning of market, the weather became pleasant and attendance was fine.  The real winner was the fact that we were not blown away by the wind like we have been recently. 

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