Wednesday, September 14, 2016

BLT Snobs

This will surprise my parents, I suspect.  Or, perhaps it is no longer a surprise to them.  But, one of our favorite Summer and early Fall meals is now the one that features BLT sandwiches (Bacon Lettuce and Tomato).  We also often have green beans with that meal as well.  That part will NOT surprise them at all.

Part of the driving factor that has changed my opinions about BLTs are the extremely good heirloom varieties we grow on our farm (both lettuce and tomato).  But, this is actually going to get a bit scary (for some of you).  Each of these varieties has their own taste and they actually work with different parts of the BLT in different ways.  Some people may not taste the difference initially and others may not have the taste buds to be able to tell the difference.  But, we believe that many people's tastebuds begin to learn to tell the difference between certain tastes over time.

Do you love your mayo?
Australian Yellow Leaf
The Tasty Evergreen tomato often does NOT get the love it deserves when it sits in our tomato tray for pickup at the CSA distribution.  Often, I will try to encourage people to try it and the reviews from those who do try are generally quite good.  But, there are days when I won't say a word.  Why?  Because I love my mayo on a sandwich - and the slightly tangy taste of one of these tomatoes is the perfect combination.  Add some Australian Yellowleaf lettuce and you've got a great BLT in the making.

It's all about the bacon.
German Pink
Maybe it's psychological, but I tend to favor some of our meatiest tomatoes to work with the bacon as a taste combination.  German Pink has long been one of our favorite tomatoes as has Italian Heirloom.  Both are not terribly juicy, so the sandwich won't be too soggy.  The firmer texture works great with some nice crispy bacon.  Just enough mayo for taste, but not too much to make it sloppy and add some Pablo lettuce to the mix.  Yum!

I dare you to care about the B and L
Black Krim
Black Krim has been our recommendation for the absolute best tasting tomato for several years now.  This is especially true once we started growing them successfully in our high tunnels.  Sure, sure.  This is supposed to be about BLTs.  Get yourself some fresh, homemade bread.  Make sure you are using REAL mayonnaise - not that salad dressing stuff.  Get bacon from a locally raised pig that has seen some pasture time and then select the heirloom lettuce that makes you happiest.
Bunte Forellenschus

I believe I just made myself hungry.  I think I'll be going now.  And, maybe I'll add a couple of pieces of Jimmy Nardello's Frying Pepper as well.  Hmmmm.

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  1. I can relate to the BLT snobbishness ... I actually insist on a few extra ingredients, and so we call ours BLOAPTs ("BLOHPtees"): bacon (preferably peppered bacon), lettuce, onion, arugula, pickle and tomato ... (actually, lettuce is optional, but arugula is a must!). They would be even more divine with some of your heirloom tomatoes on them ...


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