Monday, January 8, 2018

Best Phauxto of 2017

It is time to vote for the best GFF photos of 2017!  We have selected some pictures and put them into categories.  To vote, you may either submit a comment in reply to this post and identify your votes for each category OR you can email us OR you can tell us on Facebook what your votes are!  If you want to see each picture better you can click on it to see a larger version. Enjoy!

CATEGORY 1: Around the Farm
a) Different Point of View

b) Mr Moon Visits the Farm

c) They Went Thataway!

d) This Must Be The Place

e) Weeder's Eye View

f) Close the Hightunnels NOW!

CATEGORY 2: Just Vegging Out

a) Unsquished Squash

b) Slaw Ingredients

c) Up Close and Personal with Jaune Flamme

d) What to Dew with Kale

e) Lettuce Enjoy Forellenschus

CATEGORY 3: Ain't They Purdy?!?

a) More to Dew with Borage

b) Ambitious Daylily

c) Chive Got Something to Tell You

d) Beauty in a Small Package

e) Thornbird in the Wild

f) St Helen Returns to the Farm
CATEGORY 4: Cast of Characters
a) The Inspector Inspects

b) Turkeys in Their "Gated Community"

c) Yeah, We Did This!
d) Tomatoes Admiring Those Who Transplanted Them into Pots

e) Why Does Jocelyn ALWAYS Get to Pull the Cart?
CATEGORY 5: Off the Farm

a) Root for Me!
b) Up for Falls

c) Persistence

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