Thursday, March 8, 2018

Break Week

It is March and Professor Tammy gets to be on the farm during Winter Break week!  While she still has to be Professor Tammy and do lots of grading and plenty of other school related things, she also has been able to put on her "Farmer Tammy" hat.  It's always amazing how much more work gets done on the farm when there are two farmers running around and finding ways to look busy.

Sunday, Sunny Sunday (and Saturday too!)
The week started with warmer than usual weather and lots of sunshine.  Our initial plan was for Tammy to try to get school work done early during break so it wouldn't be weighing on her during the rest of the time she had "off."  But, one look at the forecast and we were sold on revising that plan.  The only downside?  It was a bit windy.
Garfield by Jim Davis
We started the day out with the mundane task of putting fresh straw into the hen room after we let the birds out.  It's always easier to do that on a nice day and most of the birds aren't in the way.  However, there are always a few that just HAVE to see what you're doing.  We don't mind it too much - but we'd love it if they would WAIT until we leave the room before they start kicking the straw OUT of the laying boxes when we worked so hard to put that same straw IN to the laying boxes.
But we LOVE to kick straw around!
There were all sorts of 'treats' for us on Saturday.  It was warm enough to hang laundry outside - something we prefer to do rather than use the dryer.  And, we'd had a couple of long weeks and the laundry got backed up, so there was plenty of it to wash and hang.  We were able to work in Valhalla and begin prepping the ground in that building for early Spring planting.  While it was windy outside, the high tunnel provides us with some protection.  The only negative here is how ridiculously noisy it is in that building on a very windy day.  Sunday was even windier than Saturday (but still nice) so we did some tree pruning.
We're hoping to get MORE than one pear this season.
Weather took a turn on Monday, so we made it a 'paperwork' day.  Tammy put on her "Professor Tammy" hat and Rob was still wearing his "Farmer Rob" hat.  Speaking of which... when does Rob wear any other hat than the "Farmer Rob" hat?  Inquiring minds want to know!  Rather than regale you with all of the exciting paperwork we did, I will move on to Tuesday afternoon for this fine telling of farmer tales of daring do - hopefully without too many incidences of doodoo.

Perhaps some of you have read here or elsewhere that we are trying to fix the kitchen in our old farmhouse.  (Imagine that!  The farmers live in a farmhouse!  Who woulda thunk it?)  Anyone who has done this sort of work while living in the house knows what that means.  And, if you don't know, I'll tell you.  It means you have to find ways to move your kitchen around in stages so you can go about your normal daily business.  That was a good bit of Tuesday.  And now you know.

Wednesday we became the 'Traveling Farmers' as we ran errands all over northeast Iowa.  While some of the errands might make us sound normal (going to the bank, the pharmacy, recycling, dropping some neat things at Trinkets and Togs, etc) there were others that clearly identified us as 'different.'  A trip to Nolt's to pick up drip tape, plant starting soil and other supplies made sure to make the trip up with Chumley, our truck, worthwhile.  But, perhaps the most disturbing thing about Wednesday is that we left the farm after chores at about 6:20 am and we returned about 12 hours later.  Look, when errands take you to places near Waverly, Charles City, Protivin and Sumner, there's going to be some serious road time.
The farmers even paid attention to the Supervisory crew!
As far as Thursday has been concerned - do you remember that kitchen project?  Well, there are now fewer cabinets in the kitchen.  We got one set of them down and once another set is down, we can start fixing the walls and ceiling.  We're a bit out of practice for this sort of thing, but it is coming back to us quickly.  We even found time to do *more* school/farm paperwork, participate in an interview AND take a tom cat that has taken to hanging around in to the vet so that certain parts of him wouldn't continue hanging around - if you know what I mean.

Tomorrow's big task?  Lots and LOTS of seeding!  Hang on to your hats kids, this is going to be fun!

Just keep your eyes open for clouds that look like a cow.

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  1. Enjoy reading your Blog and activities from China! It is a cool, but pure sunny day without much wind. We will come to "help" third week or so of May. DadZ


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