Sunday, April 15, 2018

Stuck on the Farm Music

There used to be an exercise that people who very much enjoy music would indulge themselves in that used the old 'if you were stranded on a desert island' theme.  Given current technology and the tendency of many to 'stream' music and not play entire albums of music at a time, this thought exercise doesn't seem to get used all that often any more.  The basic idea is that you will be stranded on a desert island and you can select only 10 albums worth of music to be available to you from that point on.  You can't pick and choose single songs, you have to take all or nothing from each album you select.

So, why would I actually spend time on this sort of a post, you ask?

Well, Tammy and I both like our music and...  sometimes when you aren't feeling well and can't sleep, you find something to do with yourself.  Like a think about what music albums you would bring with you to a desert island.

(ed note: this was written in late January and was scheduled for a later release IF Rob could find time to proof it a bit)

To make this fit the farm blog better - here are the ten albums Rob would choose if he were stuck on the farm and could access ONLY ten albums for his music.  They are listed here in no particular order.  After all, they made it on a list for a guy who has about 10,000 songs to choose from on his Ipod Classic.  Ya, ya.  I know.  But, do you expect me to carry that much vinyl around with me?

To increase the suspense... we're going to split this into a few posts.  (ed note: yes, suspense!  For all three readers out there who might want to know!)

Apocalyptica - Reflections
We're not talking the original release, you've got to include the extended release material because there are some really good songs there.  It has cellos.  We like cellos.  It has cellos playing music that might not have been initially intended for cellos.  But, that's wrong, because all music should be played on a cello.  So there.

The Choir - Circle Slide
It's relaxing when you play it quietly.  It can rock when you turn up the volume.  It's artsy.  It's thought-provoking.  It's layered and textured and...  Well, I like it.  I listen to these songs that I know so well and I still pick up new things.  And, while they don't show up on this album, the Choir has been known to use a cello in its music now and again.

Future of Forestry - Pages
We listen to this compilation of songs and both Tammy and I say things like, "I like this song."  Or, "this one is my favorite on the album."  This is quickly followed by, "but I said that about the last song too."  We can't decide and we don't want to decide.  We just want to listen to the album.  And, there are cellos in this music sometimes.  I begin to detect a theme... How about you?

Two more posts are in the pipeline!  I wonder when I scheduled them to go?  Who knows?

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