Friday, August 24, 2018

Meal-time Humor

We are approaching the end of August and most of the farm crew and one of the farmers find themselves heading back to school.  That leaves Rob and Caleb working on the farm (with Tammy working on weekends and when she can in the mornings or evenings).  Emma and Sophie are done with the farm for the Summer (and perhaps they are happy with that?).

Last week, we took the crew to Rudy's Tacos for a 'thank you' dinner and to give us a chance to freak them out by all of the marionettes hanging from the ceiling there!  We have periodically had lunches together at the farm as well, so I think they knew what they were getting into.  When this group gets together, you're going to have to expect some odd topics of conversation.  Or, at the least, interesting detours to the conversation.

An analysis of Chinjuries
Caleb and Rob discuss avoiding weed chinjuries
When there is an opportunity for word play, this group of people cannot leave it alone.  Caleb told us the story about how he has cut his chin more than once and Sophie just HAD to decide that these were 'chinjuries.'  Oh, great.  This conversation is going to go all kinds of places, isn't it?  When it was revealed that one such chinjury was caused by the trim on some object I started humming a familiar tune to myself.

Trim chinjury, trim chinjury, trim chin cheroooooo!

Ok, the creators of the Mary Poppins musical were right to never listen to my ideas on this sort of thing.  Did I share this with the others at the time?  Well, um, no.  I've already been shot down more than once when two (or three) of them look at me blankly and say something like, "Mary Who?  Was that supposed to be funny?"

Egg Laying Encouragement
In some ways, coming up with unique, if unreasonable, ways to encourage hens to lay eggs is just too easy.  But, then again, the level of creativity (and absurdity) reaches dizzying heights with regards to this topic.  So, we just can't not report on them.

It usually starts with something like a suggestion that we pick up the hens and give them a little squeeze to get the egg to pop out.  That is usually followed by reminders to hold the hen the right direction for various reasons.  You do NOT want to have the delivery end pointing at you because you can't be sure if you will get an egg... or maybe some poo...  Ideally, you point the business end of the bird at a nice nest of straw so the egg has a nice soft landing.  If you point the egg duct upwards, you might say that you could have an egg 'over easy,' but you have to be sure to give a gentle squeeze if you want that.

Oh... hang on.  We weren't done yet.

Want scrambled eggs?  Shake the chicken prior to squeezing.  Not scrambled enough?  Put the bird in a massage chair and put that on high.  Then, give it a little squeeze and the egg should be plenty scrambled.  Do you prefer a soft-boiled egg?  Put the bird in a jacuzzi.  If you turn the jets on too high you might get a combination scrambled/soft boiled egg.  But, that's your fault for not adjusting the levels properly.

Cow Yoga and Poodle Extensions
I don't quite recall how we got to "cow yoga" and maybe one of the participants in the conversation will remember and can help me recreate where that came from.  But, the poodle hair extensions thing was created when there was a comment about a pet grooming and hair parlor (for humans) that is visible from Rudy's.  It is not clear when you look at the building if this is one or two businesses nor is it clear how they might be separated from each other.  We were wondering if some people might need to clarify which service they were looking for when they entered the door.

Identities hidden to protect the guilty!  These two shall remain nameless so you can't blame them for all of the silliness in this post.  Right Sophie and Emma?
This, of course, led from one thing to another until we decided they might make wigs or hair extensions from the clippings (both human and pet).  Now, your poodle could get 'hair extensions' to tie on that little bob they often shape for the top of the head.  And, of course, if you wanted a really curly hair extension, poodle hair just might do the trick.  Just make sure the rest of the dog is not still attached - that could get a bit uncomfortable.  And, we understand some poodles are pretty excitable.

Now where exactly could this conversation go from there?  I guess it will have to wait until the next meal with this bunch.

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