Friday, September 21, 2018

What It Looks Like When II

We have continued to post the wisdom of our Farm Supervisors on Facebook using the hashtag #GFFWhatItLooksLikeWhen and, as we did with the first batch, we are summarizing and editorializing a bit more on the blog.  We will continue to do this as long as the inspiration and available photos are in good supply.

I was asked by one individual what the motivation for these posts were.  From a farm promotion perspective, I suppose having a consistent series does serve as a reminder to those who might patronize us that we are still here, though it likely won't do a thing to encourage a specific sale.  But, that's not really the motivation behind this.

In the end, the motivation comes from two places:
1. The need to be creative and see humor and value in everyday life.
2. The need to remind those who care about the farm (and the farmers and the Farm Supervisors) that we are real people (and cats) who are just trying to muddle along as best we can like everyone else.  And, in that process, a little support along the way is always appreciated.  Just as we are willing to lend support when others need it.

Pre-amble now complete, we bring you more of

What It Looks Like When

This is what it looks like when you want the farmer to think he's just run over you with a tractor!
 Inspector is prone to using soft spaces under vehicles as a napping spot during warmer days.  The good news is that he knows to get away (and quickly) when an engine starts.  The other good news is that we do have a tendency to take a quick look under our vehicles for Farm Supervisors when we are ready to start one up.  We actually do not think it would be consistent with Inspector's catitude to pull the "oh no! You ran over me!" trick.  But, when Doughboy was with us, that cat might have played the trick.

This is what it looks like when you will do whatever it takes to get your "alone time."
Soup has probably been the most creative cat we've had with respect to finding places to be when she wants to lounge.  She doesn't really move all that quickly and she doesn't tend to leave the area around the main buildings on the farm.  Yet, she can disappear when she wishes.

This is what it looks like when the entire team put forth their best effort and have nothing left to give.
This fine, October day a few years ago found us working to get squash under cover prior to some cold temps.  The humans had to do a great deal of lifting and running around.  That, of course, wore out the poor Farm Supervisory crew consisting of Sandman, Mrranda and Cubbie.  The work was not yet done at the point the photo was taken, but we know from experience that Farm Supervisors still count themselves as being capable of supervising when their eyes are closed.
This is what it looks like when the shoulder angel says, "Be polite and say hello" and the shoulder devil says, "Go back to sleep!"
Sun puddles are a cats best friend in the Winter months.  This is especially true in an old, drafty farm house with humans who keep the temp on the lowish side.  Of our Indoor Farm Supervisors, Bree is typically the most 'polite' of the two.  She usually responds if a human says "hello."  But, you can see her have this debate at times when she really doesn't WANT to acknowledge the human - but she knows she should.  After all, humans are so fragile and they need constant affirmation from the felines on the farm.  This was one of those cases where she was not as gracious with her greeting as she normally is - perhaps it had to do with the camera in the farmer's hands?

For those who have interest: Here is the first in the series of the What it Looks Like When blog posts.

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