Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lost My Groove

Beware the grooooooove! (reference "Emperor's New Groove" - appropriately silly animated movie)

I always forget the power of the groove that I get into during the harvesting season. From August until the first hard frost, my job consists of picking one crop or another in an effort to keep up with them AND get them distributed properly. I also get used to having people on the farm on certain days and there is usually a great deal of activity.

Clearly, we have had a hard frost. Ok, we had a deep freeze. Things look tremendously different on the farm now. The green that was the pepper/eggplant plot is now brown dotted with spots of red and yellow. Clearly nothing more to pick there.

The green beans are now brown and gelatinous. Ok, no picking that either.

Where are the summer squash? The zucchini? Weren't they right here? Yep. Operative on the past tense.

There is still plenty to do around here. So, that isn't the problem. The problem is that I've been doing things at a high rate of speed for several weeks. And the need to rush to bring in the harvest is no longer there.

So, as I was trying to prepare for the CSA distribution today, I felt a little bit lost. I caught myself walking out to one plot at my normal fast walk - until I saw the peppers. Then, I caught myself meandering and looking at the 'carnage.' Talk about gawker slowdowns!

A little bit later, I had this strange feeling. I couldn't put a finger on it. Then I had it! I was not walking quickly. My pace was more evocative of a .... stroll(?), mosey(?!) or some other such thing a fair bit less than a speed walk... as I headed out to pick the kale. After a moment of guilt, I kicked it back into gear again.

Better get back into a groove of a different kind! While I might be allowed to slow the walking pace a little bit, there is still much to do. Maybe I'll just hop to it? That would be a sight.

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