Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bird Brains II

The sequel is rarely better than the original.  Unless it is Star Trek II vs Star Trek I.  They had no where to go but up.  It must be nice to know you can't do worse.

Nonetheless - it is summer - time for sequels, prequels and 3D versions of remakes of book adaptations.  Ask me if we've seen a movie so far this summer.  Ask me if I've seen Paint Your Wagon.  Ask me if it's been a long day.


More bird observations and various extensions to the prior post:
  • BOD  -  Beaks of Doom *or* Bills of Doom.  The ducks have had their first night and day in their new open-air shelter and in their pasture (during the day).  They just might spell doom for flies more than the chickens.
  • Ali vs Frazier rematch.   Ali and Frazier were at it again.  Rob approached them and challenged them.  They, of course did the "I can take you! I can take you!  Never mind." thing.  You know what I said to that?  "CHICKEN!!!!!"      Ya, it didn't really have the same effect it might have on other ten year old humans.
  • Broom Bird Double Header.  The problem with putting more birds on pasture and day ranging them?  We have to play more games of broom bird each night.  Happily, the ducks will go as a flock.
  • Broom Bird Rules.  We thought about making some up, but decided everything involved with it would be a fowl.
  • Time Square Ball.  I was thinking about renting the Time Square Ball that drops for New Year's.  Set it to start at the top and slowly sink to the ground as the day for taking the broilers "to the park" approached.  But, then I wondered if people might think I take too much glee in that thought.  The reality is - we just don't have a good place to set the thing up.  If we did get it, would it be a Fowl Ball?  At least you know you'd get the Chicken Dance out of it.
  • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday....
  • Sploooootch!   Lots of people say they like ducks.  Ducks are cute.  They wiggle their tails, they waddle, they quack (these birds are too young, so they 'queep') and they splash in water alot.   These people have never been around them long enough to know what I mean when I refer to the 'splooootch' sound.
  • Turkeys on the High Wire.  Turkeys like to roost off the ground, so we put up some 2x4 as roosting stations in their room.  The birds are just getting big enough to get up there now.  So far, about eight have figured it out.  These 2x4 boards are fairly sturdy, but a turkey, once it is bigger, has enough weight to make the board wiggle a little.  It can be amusing watching a bird try to walk from one end to the other without falling.  Reminiscent of humans on a balance beam.
And now for the plot twist and surprise finale!
  • The Tom Sawyer Week has some takers already - hurrah!  We've decided that we might make the theme of this week - "Weed 'em and Reap!"
  • You all realize that when you tell me you read the blog, you encourage more of this silliness.  It's all your fault!  Good for you.

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