Thursday, March 14, 2013

If This Doesn't Require A Caption...

The photo shown below shows three members of our self-styled GoF farming group that comprising our farm (Genuine Faux Farm), Scattergood Friends School Farm, Grinnell Heritage Farm and Blue Gate Farm.

The picture below was taken during our end of season gathering that included a much needed calendar burning, some frisbee and... of course... lots of good food.

The picture below was posted on facebook not long after and resulted in a flurry of caption ideas.  I noted this the other day and decided it was worth reposting here.  From left to right:  Mark from Scattergood, Rob from Genuine Faux Farm and Sean from Blue Gate.  It is likely not a mistake that the Grinnell Heritage contingent stayed OUT of the photo.

  • Jennie This looks violent,....?

    Melissa We're a rough crowd. I've never seen Mark upset, so this is quite comical.

    Jennie  Maybe Sean had just said he was going to spray some Roundup?

  • Rob  Quick! Caption contest!

    Tammy  Mark: You must eat raw vegetables. Sean: Oh NO! Rob: Mphph. (translation: I AM munching raw veg!!!).

    Mark "I will wear chacos on December 3rd and there is nothing you can do about it!"

    Jill  Sean, to himself, "and society thinks theatre people are weird?"

    Jill  but the wall color looks GREAT, Jennie!

    Rob  Rob's thought bubble: "If I have to separate these two again, I really will have to take a nap."

    Denis Shermfaux Holmes notices the week old dried piece of potato salad on the finger of the pointing man, identifying him, in a fantastic series of deductions,as his longtime nemesis, Arty-Morty! Elementary my dear Watsit!

    Rob  You are part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor. Take him away!

    Rob  Ok.. on the count of three, we all change our facial expressions - moving them clockwise. One.....

    Mark  From right to left: Speak no evil, hear no evil, evil.

    Rob  Reactions differ to the old "pull my finger" joke

    Rob  Gotta boogie! (see Weird Al)

    Jill  nope, nope, wont do it!
     This is all just further proof that Iowa vegetable farmers are a creative bunch.  Or maybe they've just been hit one too many times with a blunt object to the head.  Come now - we DARE you to come up with better captions.  Get to it!


  1. I told you Rob can't function with out his hat.

  2. So give it back to him. Now! :)


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