Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Chart Worth 100 Words

 Since we've been focusing on high tunnels and the potential of getting grant funding help to put in a second high tunnel, it only makes sense to begin thinking....

A dangerous pastime....  (you know).

Tammy and I were under a bit of stress this year given the very late start for much of our produce.  Now that we are approaching the end of the regular CSA season, we wondered if perhaps we misremembered.  After all, some of the numbers for things like, tomatoes, are looking pretty good now.

For example, our high tunnel snack tomato numbers look fabulous.  In fact, we've pulled in over 1700 of those beauties this season (with more likely to follow).  Not bad for 18 plants.  Eighteen plants, I might add, that also were put in much later than we wanted because we were stretching Spring crops out.

So, based on those numbers, it made us both start to question whether our worry earlier in the year was founded - or if it had just grown in our minds.  The result of this wondering is a weekly production chart shown above.  We can now see that it wasn't until mid-August before we were pulling in a snack tomato per CSA family.

It is no wonder that the two of us were beginning to wonder if *any* of our tomatoes were going to provide for us.  We have no qualms about having lots of tomatoes in October.  That's fine.  Really.  But, we'd also like some in August.

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