Saturday, December 6, 2014

2013 Photo Winners

Well, we took votes, then we got busy and we didn't post results for 2013.  So, before we put candidates out for 2014, we thought we had better post the 'winners' of 2013 on the blog!  Thank you to all of you who submitted votes.  We'll be doing this again for 2014 and we hope we can get even more participants in the selection process.

Category 1  - Best Critter shot for 2013

Bumblebee Bumbling
Category 2 - Best Veggie Picture of 2013
Carrot top?
Category 3 - Best People Picture

We "Glove" our CSA members
Category 4 - Best Flower Pictures of the Year
Stargazer Lily
Category 6 - Outstanding in Our Fields

Straight row of cucumbers
Category 7 - Best of Travelog for 2013

Napali Coast
Category 8 - Wild Card
Rob's finger froze to the camera

Category 5 - Best of "On The Farm" for 2013
and OVERALL WINNER for 2013 

Garlic harvest

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