Saturday, June 20, 2015

A High Tunnel - Picture This

The high tunnel is up - with a few things still needing to be done.  That means we need to work on preparing the soil and putting things into it.  But, we thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures form our efforts from Friday June 12 to Tuesday, June 16.

We'll start you off with the time elapse photo video.  Greg Garbos from Four Seasons Tools brought the camera and allowed us to download and edit the file (to get rid of the night time hours primarily).

And, we tried to take photos every once in a while ourselves.  We appreciate the help we received from Sam Larimer and others who took our camera and roamed a bit with it.

We took delivery and had to unload 4-5 tons by hand from the trailer

And we managed it in an hour and 15 minutes. Even if Rob looked confused.

It doesn't look like much at this point.  But, it will change rapidly

We set up a work station nearby.  Needless to say, lots of battery powered tools were used.

The hoops and end walls were built to a large extent on the ground.

That allowed large sections to go up at one time.

If lifting the building once off of the trailer weren't enough, we had to lift it again - in larger pieces.

The super hero Band Saw Man - at work.

Sean Skeehan gets the award for volunteer driving the furthest to help put this thing up.

I TOLD YOU he was a super hero.

There were numerous little things that had to be done - often in sets of 12 or 30 or whatever.

We stretched to put on the plastic in winds that were not quite friendly.

We put in the vent and the door on the East to end Tuesday.  We need to do the same on the West still.

Yup.  We built a high tunnel.
Many many thanks to all who helped us in one way or another.

Greg Garbos and Jeff Mikesell represented Four Seasons Tools and headed up the build.  Jeff Sage was at the farm every day of the build.  Anden Drolet and Elizabeth Hinds were there most days as well.  The Figura clan was well represented (Kory, Emma and Sophie) and we had good representation from our local farmer friends Darrin Enderton, Lindsay Kaiser and Brent Wilker.  Blue Gate Farm was ably represented by the aforementioned Sean Skeehan and Sam Larimer came out on fairly short notice to lend a much appreciated pair of hands.  Jim and Eileen Faux helped make sure the rest of the farm didn't fall apart while we focused on the building and my bro Pete showed up and hit a few stakes and ran a drill for a bit just to show he could!  Jeff and Dawn Kline were kind of enough to provide the loan of a needed ladder.

I think we managed to remember everyone - but if we didn't, please forgive and remind.  The days during the build run together a bit for us now!

Job well done all.


  1. Interesting watching the time lapse, job well done. It looks awesome, hope you get loads of food out of it.


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