Monday, November 14, 2016

Keep On Keeping On

I have been in need of some humor lately and I am guessing others might as well.

Please check your worries at the door and set aside sorrow, anger and fear.  If only for a few moments, let yourself chuckle... or groan at the puns if that's your style.  In a future post, I'll take on weightier things.  For now, I give you this:

The Computer Scientist Strikes!
Many of you might know (or maybe you don't) that I actually have a degree in Computer Science.  In fact, I am fond of pointing out that I have a PhD in Computer Science and Adult Education - therefore I farm.  For a short time, I worked for Rockwell International in Cedar Rapids and had a phone conversation with a guy in a Rockwell office located in Australia.  He told me about their Local Area Network setup that he was in charge of.  Of course, they called it the LAN down under.

For the Birds
The chickens were really active today on the farm.  It wasn't too windy and the temperature was pretty nice.  I guess I encouraged it a bit when I gave them some veggie scraps.  That's me, I enjoy all kinds of art - including poultry in motion.

So, You Want a Salad?
I give you Baxter Black and his Vegetarian's Nightmare as presented on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.  You just have to appreciate the twinkle in his eye as he does this one.

Star Trek II?
So, when we lived in Madison, Wisconsin, we would often drive by this small 'hole-in-the-wall' business by lake Monona that advertised palm reading and other such stuff.  The owner, a short, slightly built fellow, had no employees and it was hard to see how he could possibly be making a go of it.  Some time ago, we heard that the proprietor had been arrested for some "improper business practices" and had been found guilty and sent to a minimum security prison.  More recently, we read an article that said he had managed to escape from prison.  The headline read:
"Short Fortuneteller Escapes Prison: Small Medium At-Large!"

I wondered if any of the people who had put him in prison were worried about the "wrath of con?"  No?  Ok, that was stretching a bit.

Ah, Tim Conway, You Make Me Cry
The Carol Burnett Show has so many wonderful nuggets like this.  Is it what he says, or is it the fact that no one can stop laughing to continue with their skit?  I don't care - when I need a laugh, this always gets me.

Music Festival
Tammy and I used to go to a music festival in the Summer.  Needless to say, the farm put a stop to that.  Well, actually, we moved so far away from the music festival it became a non-issue, then the festival ceased to be - which made it more of a non-issue.  In any event, it was a festival that included a campground area, so thousands of people would pitch tents and go to various concerts held throughout the grounds.

What struck me about the whole thing is that people would sang whenever they wanted, but they never did sing.  Kids ran all over the place, but they would never run.  People would spoke with each other, but they never did speak.  After all any where people went in the camping area, it was past tents.

String You Along?
Haven't laughed enough? - time for Monty Python. 
Some day we'll tell you about the "hosettes" we now have at our farm.

In Closing
Well, I suppose I must be going now.  You know what "they" say.  Time flies like an arrow.  Fruit flies like a banana.

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  1. Anonymous10:50 PM

    Thanks for the laughs! They certainly are needed this week.


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