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GFF CSA Farm Share Options 2017

We have offered vegetable farm shares (CSA) since 2005 and we will be offering meat poultry shares for the first time in 2017.  The sign up season for 2017 is open now!  We would be honored to be your personal farmers for the growing season.

Why should Rob and Tammy Faux of the Genuine Faux Farm be your personal farmers?

  • Experienced - our farm and CSA has been in operation since 2005 and we actively seek to improve how our farm performs each and every year.
    Sign up! I, the Sandman, have spoken.
  • Responsive - you will see at least one of your farmers at every delivery and we are happy to converse with you about things you would like to see happen with your share and on the farm.
  • Reliable - we grow a wide range of crops and varieties to provide our own version of crop insurance on your behalf.
  • Responsible - we work to keep all three legs of our sustainable farm strong.  We strive to work with nature and we are active in the community - all while maintaining a reasonable bottom line.
  • Accountable - we have maintained organic certification for our vegetable production since 2007 and we are pleased to answer any questions you might have about how we grow.
  • Traceable - 95% of the produce you will receive is grown on our farm Northwest of Tripoli, Iowa.  The remaining 5% is clearly labeled so you know who grows your food.  Jeff Sage grows beets, carrots and heirloom sweet potatoes for our program.
  • Flexible - there are now many ways you can participate.  Take a look and see what fits you best.
  • A Good Buy - in all years except 2012, we have provided our share holders with produce value that exceeds the share price by 20 to 40 percent.
Veggie CSA Options for 2017

Traditional 20 Share
Comfortable with how things have been?  Well, this is the schedule we've maintained since the our CSA program's inception in 2005.  Twenty deliveries of delicious goodies from June through October.  If you see no reason to change what has been a good thing so far - here it is!
Deliveries 4 through 23 on the calendar
Price: $400

Traveler 20 Share
So, you are traveling this Summer and you think that means you can't get our veggies?  Think again!  We will have 20 deliveries of veggies split between the early and late season, but no deliveries for this share from mid June to mid-August.  Not only can you be some of the first people in the area with fresh veggies, you can partake of the bounty at the end of the season.  Who wouldn't want fresh produce for Thanksgiving and Christmas?
Deliveries 1 - 6 and 15-28 on the calendar
Price: $500

Whole Enchilada Share
You get a nice price and you get ALL the CSA Veggie deliveries we will offer from April to December.  You won't have to worry about signing up for an extended season - you just come and get the delicious veggies for all 28 deliveries.  Your best value is here.
Deliveries 1 through 28 on the calendar
Price: $600

Alternating Week Share
Proof that the farmers do listen!  Some of our members reported difficulty getting through all of the goodies before the next week's delivery.  The alternating week share is a viable option if you are worried about having too much, but you really do want some delicious, certified organic produce.
Deliveries 14 deliveries (you will be assigned odd or even delivery numbers)
Price: $350

My Garden is Dead! Share
So, you garden.  Fantastic!  But, do you feel its loss once you get to October?  Let us get that Fall produce to you for 8 deliveries this Fall into the Winter!  You can get some fresh greens, root crops and much more after your garden has decided it has finished for the year.  You might even get a few peppers and tomatoes if you talk to us nicely!  If you're missing produce in the Spring as well, see if the Traveler 20 fits you.
Deliveries 21 - 28 on the calendar
Price: $250

Group Share
This is intended for an office/group that might like to dip their toes into the CSA idea.  There will be 16 deliveries that will match up with our highest production weeks.  Each share will have less vegetable variety and more duplication in anticipation that there will be multiple family units receiving the share.
Deliveries 16 dates TBA
Price: $800

Poultry CSA Options for 2017
We have raised broiler chickens and turkeys on our farm since 2006 and we are finding that people would like the convenience of purchasing a single bird at a time rather than buying several at one time.  We hope you find this to be a reasonable response to that request.

Give Me the Smaller Birds Share
Twenty deliveries that will occur roughly every other week (you will receive a schedule once you sign up).  Each delivery, for 19 deliveries, each share holder will receive a broiler chicken that falls on the smaller side (typically 4 to 5 pounds).  For the 20th delivery, each share receives two stewing hens, perfect for pressure cooking, crock-potting and making broth.  In addition, each share holder receives a $25 credit towards a turkey!  That's 21 deliveries of quality poultry from our farm.
Deliveries 20 + the Great Turkey Pickup
Price: $325
Available Slots: 8

Give Me the Bigger Birds Share
Ok, you have a bigger family and you want more meat on your chickens?  Here they are.  You will get the biggest broiler chickens we have from our day-range flocks.  Sizes average 5.5 pounds, though you'll land some over 6 pounds and some just over 5. We will provide you 20 deliveries of broilers roughly every other week AND you receive $25 credit towards a turkey - tell us you want a big turkey and we'll reserve it for you.
Deliveries 20 + the Great Turkey Pickup
Price $400
Available Slots:

I Want Poultry, but Not A Poultry Share
We've got you covered there as well!  We will continue to have broiler chickens and turkeys available beyond those offered here in share packages.  Broilers are processed in early July, September and early November most years.  Turkeys are processed at the end of October.  Some years, we have also had Muscovey ducks available.

Pick Up Locations
Waverly:  Waverly Farmers' Market during market season on Tuesdays, 3:30-6:00 pm.  St Andrew's Church parking lot during market off-season. 
Cedar Falls: Hansen's Outlet, outside the East side of the building on Thursdays, 4:00-6:00pm.
Tripoli: at the farm on Wednesdays.

How Do I Sign Up?
Send us an email at and tell us which share type you want and which delivery location you would prefer.

Want to Know More?
If you want to learn more about what a Genuine Faux Farm CSA Farm Share is, please visit our website!  Of course, we welcome any questions you may have, please send them to our email address shown above.

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