Saturday, November 10, 2018

What It Looks Like When III

We have continued to post the wisdom of our Farm Supervisors on Facebook using the hashtag #GFFWhatItLooksLikeWhen.  We compile these posts into the blog once we reach about a month's worth and add some extra writing for your reading pleasure.  As has been the case for our first and second installments, we now provide you with a third blog installment of these posts for your enjoyment.

What It Looks Like When

This is what it looks like when the cat population wants to stage a protest.  They execute what is known as a "sit on."
Some few people may say, "hey, that one seems familiar!"  Ok, probably only ROB will say it sounds familiar because he used this picture and idea once before in a prior post.  If you need a laugh or three, go check it out!

Perhaps the irony of this particular photo is the fact that it comes from 2014 and as of this Spring, we have none of these fine felines at our farm any longer.  Cubbie, Mrranda and the Sandman were a pretty cool batch of farm supervisors and they provided us with multiple photo ops.
This is what it looks like when the farmer tells you the story about the florist friars AGAIN.
Bree puts up with a great deal as an Indoor Farm Supervisor.  Rob likes to test out his pun stories on her first to see what sort of reaction he can get.  The photo above is a pretty normal reaction from her.  Kind of a resigned, "why me?"  Usually, she can be pacified by a gentle skritch or three.
This is what it looks like when you know something they do not know (he's not left-handed either).
Hello, my name is the Sandman.  I didn't know my father.  Prepare to nap!

We were sorely disappointed by the Facebook response on this one.  While we do not live or die by the number of 'likes' or visits we get in social media, we figured we'd at least get ONE response that would further our Princess Bride references.  Alas, a chance for fun and general silliness was wasted.

Yes, that IS a challenge.  I dare you to use the comment section on this post.  HA!  We have an overdeveloped sense of ... well, something.

This is what it looks like when you blame the farmer for all of the puddles that make it hard to keep you sensitive paddy paws dry.
We make no bones about it.  Farmer Rob and Soup R Cali the Fragile Mystic tolerate each other, but that's about it.  If there is something wrong, Soup usually gives Rob a look that says, "THIS is your fault."  However, since she usually cannot be bothered to do much about anything, she leaves it at a look.


  1. How have I not known about #GFFWhatItLooksLikeWhen? I shall have to remedy that immediately and look at some of your other posts on the subject .... (Always delightful to see your cat humor :))

  2. The Farm Supervisors all thank you for your comments.


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