Tuesday, February 25, 2020


There was a smell in the air that accompanied temperatures in the 40s that reminded me of something.  I admit that I often push back against the anticipation of Spring because it represents the beginning of our hectic season.  Yet, I still found that I perked up a bit when I recognized the air quality.

No, it wasn't manure spread in the field, you party pooper (literally and figuratively)!

It was more than a smell.  There is also a feel to days like this.  Some of it is a physical difference.  It was warmer than it had been and there was more humidity in the air.  In short, the air felt a bit like... hope of a promise to be fulfilled.
The apple trees will be covered with blossoms.
Sure.  We all call it Spring and we spend a great deal of time glorifying it as we anticipate its arrival.  But, I am hopeful that this Spring I'll do more to appreciate it when it is actually happening.   This is always a challenge because there is so much we have to do as the weather warms.
But, I actually WANT to smell sweet alyssum in the high tunnels again.
This is a funny thing about humans.  We spend significant amounts of energy anticipating good things and so little of it actually appreciating those very same things when they are happening.
Have you noticed how green conifers are in Spring?
There are hundreds of sayings that highlight the wisdom of appreciating the good that is in the moment we are living.  And yet, we all do a fine job of failing to put that wisdom to action.  It's almost as if we prefer to either anticipate or remember.  Acting, on the other hand, is simply too difficult.
Flowers patiently pose for us to give them recognition
 That is why I am making a promise to myself that this year, I will pick up the camera - whether I actually use it or not - more often than I have in the past couple of years.  You see, when I pick up the camera, I am telling myself it is ok to take the time to observe and appreciate.  Often, when I have the camera, I find myself forgetting to take photos.  But, I do smell the flowers, watch the bees and hear the whisper of the wings of a butterfly that flutters within inches of my head.
Bumblebees are a tremendous source of entertainment.
Strangely enough, I find that taking the time to appreciate something actually strengthens the quality and value of my remembrances.  In turn, my anticipation of a return visit includes more dimensions of the senses.  The purple flower stalks will be moving ever so slightly as the bumblebee forages in the flowers.  The sage plant it visits has a pleasing scent and I can even recollect the texture of the leaves.  The memory is a good one, but it is not perfect.  That is why I have a stronger anticipation for the next opportunity.  I know the actual experience will be better than the memory, so I look forward to it.

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