Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Fried Egg Fairy and More...

The good news for us was that Tammy had Fall Break on Thursday and Friday of last week.  While she had plenty to do for her job...grading and prepping and etc   Oh my!  It also meant we could do some work on the farm together.

This is a good thing.  Why?

1. Carrying/moving certain things is *always* easier with *two* people

Things like that cabinet that was in the barn and is now in the poultry pavilion...  Yes, those sorts of things.  It's also easier to push buildings on wheels such as the Duck N Cover.  And, yes, moving square bales is much easier with a little help.  We just realized we may have moved as much as we've moved for some people's moving day... hmmmm.

2. It's much easier to celebrate.

Durnik (the tractor) returned to us on Saturday.  Yes, Rob would have been happy to see that anyway.  But, it's more fun when both of us can be there.

Ok, ok.  Most of you see no reason to celebrate the return of a tractor.  In order to reach a broader audience....  We celebrated the opportunity to spend more time together!  So there!

3. Motivation.

It doesn't always work this way.  But, it often helps to have someone other than yourself involved to keep you moving forward.  It worked for the extended weekend.  That's a good thing.  Besides, I don't want Tammy to see that I really don't do any work when she's away.  Just sit on my hands.  Yep, that's me.

4. Easier to watch the World Series.

If you don't like baseball, too bad.  We both enjoy it and we were able to listen to...and even watch... more of the World Series than we would have without break.  We consider this a very good thing, especially with an enjoyable set of games this year.

5. The Fried Egg Fairy visits us.

I am not sure how this works, but the Fried Egg Fairy visits us more often when we are both here all day long.   As far as I can tell, if you want the Fried Egg Fairy to visit, you have to wash the fry pan and say out loud, "It would be neat if I could have fried eggs in the morning."  It doesn't always work, of course.  But, the percentage of visits goes up with both of us here.  I suppose I could figure out the pattern somehow, but I'm pretty happy if it just keeps happening.

6.  Two cats, two laps.
If you have cats and you find yourself sitting down in the evening, you know what we're saying.

7. Chicken soup is... good.
Home made pizza with fresh tomato sauce that includes Black Krim tomatoes, Jimmy Nardello's Frying Peppers, Music garlic, Red Wing onions, oregano, marjoram, thyme....mmmmmm!   Ok, don't want that? How about chicken soup with chicken raised on the farm, Purple Viking potatoes, collards, chard, White Wing onions and whatever else?   Well, how about Galeux d'Eysines winter squash, pork steak (from the Berlage's), Rosa Bianca eggplant, zucchini and summer squash?  We even had green beans this weekend.  Cool.

8.  Being glad 'that' is done.

We all have things that are perpetually on our "To Do" list that never seem to get high enough on the list to get done.  Happily, we were motivated enough this weekend to get to some of those things.  And, it is a big relief when they finally do get done.  Some of them seem pretty small, but there always seems to be things that get in the way of doing them.  Things like, getting that storm window back on an upper story window.  Unfortunately, our "To Do" list tends to be unrealistic for any given day.  But, we made some serious dents in them.

9. Squawk Box

The chickens that resided in the barn at night and used an east pasture are now moved and have joined the other birds.  Ever tried to catch chickens before?  No?  Hint - it's easier with two people.

10. Did you see that?

When strange things happen, there is someone you can check with.  Just a variation of "Am I crazy?"  It helps to have someone answer.  Doesn't matter whether the answer is "yes" or "no."

11. This list goes to 11.

Because it is required under this label/topic.

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