Wednesday, April 9, 2014

If You've Had a Rough Day (or two)

The evidence is mounting that the difficult Winter has bruised us more than we care to admit.  And, by us, I am referring to the collective (the farm, me, Tammy, the animals and - of course - all of you).  It is also nearing the end of the semester for Tammy and that adds stress to both of our lives as well. 

I needed to do something to change my mood.  And, since my mood changes when I do things that help others, I thought I'd share some of the things that made me laugh in hopes that it will also help you.  Yes you!  And you too.  Yes, you as well. 

....  Ok, if I have to confirm that is for each of you individually, we're never going to get anywhere.  So... now for some fun!

Cucumbers to the Rescue!

One of my favorite cartoons is still Peanuts (Schultz).  I loved the humor even before I was ten years old!  And, if I just happen to run into a Peanuts cartoon that intersects with what we do on the farm - I've got to share it.

Peanuts Cartoon for Mar/28/2014
And to add to the confusion - a cucumber is a CUCURBIT!   ha!

More Cartoon Goodness

We try not to overdo cartoons on the blog, despite enjoying them immensely.  But, we are very much aware that there are artists who work to produce these things.  None the less, we succumbed to sharing some pictures in 2011 on this short blog post.  And, sadly, Spring was slow in coming last year.  So, we resorted to some cartoons then as well.

Non Sequitur Cartoon for Apr/08/2014
We are thinking of adding this sign to our chicken pasture.

Plenty O' Pun for All

We even had a post about chickens that was full of puns.  This is why we will often enjoy Pearls Before Swine.  Maybe he's stretching a bit for this one.  But, it still made us both laugh.

Pearls Before Swine Cartoon for Apr/06/2014
Ron Cey was known as "The Penguin"

Speaking of Baseball

We like baseball and we're both glad baseball season has started.  The sad thing is, there really isn't good radio baseball coverage in the area any more.  So, we don't get too see as much of it as we would like.  Nonetheless, our inability to hear Bob Eucker will not stop us from indulging in baseball related humor!

One time when "assault" would be the same as murder?
When in doubt, remind yourself - "It could be worse."

It's not always the best way to change your mood.  After all, why would spending time trying to figure out how your day could be more difficult help change your mood?  Although, simply recounting one of those days back in October helped my mood at that time.  In fact, I still am amused by it to some degree.  And speaking of amusing, this cartoon (Hagar the Horrible) was one I clipped out of the paper several years ago and found on my desk recently.

Oh!  So that's why the lady's favor before a joust was a kerchief!
But, It's Good For You

Difficulties build character.  What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.  Etc etc.  Whatever.  When you've had a difficult day or two, you just want things to improve.  Whether that means completing tasks that are hanging over your head or escaping them, it doesn't matter which sometimes.  Perhaps we are suffering from the letdown after reality destroyed our Farmer Delusional Syndrome?

Garlic is especially good for introverts!

Really, We All Needed a Laugh or Three

Don't know how I knew this... but I did.  Happily, BC had a cartoon that ties into this as well!

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