Thursday, April 10, 2014

Looking Forward to Eating

With a couple of nice days outside (finally) we are beginning to think about things actually growing and producing vegetables and fruits for us to eat.  This, of course, got me to thinking about some of the things we're missing about now that we're looking forward to eating later this season!

The great thing about this is - we're growing each of these varieties and if you are a member of the CSA (hey!  shameless plug, we still have spots open!) you'll get a chance to eat them too!

A fresh tomato off the vine....  I prefer mine on sandwiches, but I know someone else in this house who doesn't need the excuse of a sandwich to eat a tomato.  Right now, I'm aiming for the Black Krim.  Although, I'm not sure I would say no to a German Pink.  Or a Tasty Evergreen.  Or an Italian Heirloom.  Well, pretty much any of the 30 or so varieties we grow will do.  I guess we'll just have to keep cheering the little plants on!

Black Krim tomato - YUM!
This one is a lot closer to coming to fruition!  Lettuce.  We've got some in trays that need to go into the ground soon.  All of our earliest spring crops will be late, but we can still get lettuce in May.  When I think about lettuce, I think Grandpa Admires.  I like the softer lettuces with a milder flavor.  Others will be looking forward to the Crispmint and its distinct romaine texture and taste.  I'm thinking about this just after eating our first spinach of the year!
Grandpa Admires Lettuce
But, I have to admit that the one vegetable that really makes me happiest is still the green bean.  Seriously, we can eat a whole pot of these for a meal just between the two of us.  The only thing that might get old is snapping the ends off before cooking.  But, eating them steamed.... Yep, I think we could manage that most nights when it is peak season and not grow tired of them.

Steamed with a little bit of real butter.....
The next one actually surprised me a little.  I don't usually think of zucchini right away when I think of vegetables that I am missing.  But, they represent the grilled vegetable 'medley' that includes summer squash, sweet onion and various other delicious things.  With the right balance of veg and spices, this is a slice of summer that should not be missed.  Probably the best tasting zucchini we grow is Costata Romanesco, but we've been refining our choices and feel pretty good about the taste all of them exhibit.

Costataaaaaaaaaaaaa!  Romanescoooooooo!
I don't mind dirt.  On the other hand, I don't like getting sticky.  So, the idea of eating a melon in the field without a good place to wipe off my hands isn't on the top of my list.  Except.... when I find a Ha'Ogen melon that is a bit over ripe and won't make it back to the house.  A complex melon taste that is outstanding.  I am very much hoping for a bumper crop of these this season.
Ha'Ogen melon
And, of course, I was just thinking how nice having some fresh broccoli, cauliflower or romanesco would be right about now.  Of these, I find that I will eat more cauliflower than broccoli.  And, I just learned last year that I'll eat more romanesco than cauliflower.  I'll try to save some for the rest of you.

It may look strange, but it tastes good.
So, what are you looking forward to this year?

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  1. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Sweet peas! I nearly broke down and bought some for $4/pound the other day out of desperation.


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