Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Icicle Race

T & I managed to get ourselves off the farm for a portion of the holidays. thanks to D for keeping track of the farm during this period where the farmers are being negligent of their duties...

So, we drove to Florida from Iowa. Starting on Christmas day. Yes, that's when that monstrous storm was dumping rain, snow and ice in Iowa. Happily, we got out of "Dodge" with minimal issues. Though it was interesting to note that on every bridge and underpass the car wanted to move slightly sideways until we were well south of Iowa City. Happily, the rest of the roadways were clear, so this was an issue we could handle. Speeds were a bit slower than maybe one might expect, due to the weather - so we only made it to Paducah. Hey, Paducah is cool.

Besides that we visited FIVE states in day one of driving: Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky AND confusion. Hey, that's what happens when you try to try to pack a car, outside in rain/sleet/snow with slush/snow on the ground.

Day two of the drive saw us get all the way to Tampa from Paducah. Ok, part of day 2 ended on day 3 as we got there after midnight local time.

The real kicker of all of this is that we had to deal with a surprise truck repair (distributor), a surprise furnace issue AND water in the electrical breaker box for our house. All on Christmas Eve day. Add to that the nervous energy that comes with impending storms and you have two wired people trying to get everything done and trying to decide whether to scrap the trip or to drop everything and get out ASAP.

We chose to stick with the original plan - and here we are.

Decompressed yet? Almost. Just in time to drive back. YAY!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

R & T - Genuine Faux Farm

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