Thursday, December 3, 2009

A whole year of Genuinely Faux?!?

Really? This is not possible - but there it is. And, just to make the reference seem more tangible - here is a link to our first set of posts in the month of December, 2008.

And, just to celebrate, here are some other things that might be enjoyable to all:

Our TOP TEN POSTS post from September is here. Go take that link and then visit our top ten posts and enjoy. But, pay attention - there is more to this....

Candidates for new "top" posts:
Why make a big deal of this? Well, I'm thinking I'll put a 'Top X' list on the left side of the blog - to be updated about once a year. So - here's where you all come in.

Respond to the blog and VOTE for your TOP THREE blog entries. They can be any of those listed in the old top 'ten' or from these three. OR, if you feel REALLY strongly about something else, include it in your vote. If you don't have an account to post on the blog - send it to us in email at

I admit - part of the reason for this is to determine if there is still interest in the blog. And, another reason is that R is going through people interaction withdrawal (no CSA deliveries). But, the biggest reason? It sounds like fun!


  1. ha...ok...I posted this comment on a way old post, I think! I'll repost here ;)

    I like the post about the "family" who has a child who picked up the "lettuce, lettuce, more lettuce, and lettuce with round red things on the bottom", of course :)
    But really, I appreciated reading all your posts as you describe and share with us the ins and outs of what all goes into getting all that yummy fresh produce to us!

    (and I have sad children who are disappointed the cat didn't make it all the way home with us today :)

  2. I was fond of these three in particular, but enjoy all the posts in general...

    Going Out With a...

    Why'd You Call Me a Drip?

    A Day at the Park

  3. Two email votes received so far:

    1. Why'd you call Me a Drip
    2. Excuse me, but there's a duck..
    3. Jeff Vader Pyre


    #1 why'd you call me a drip?
    #2 excuse me there a duck
    #3 gifted



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