Thursday, February 18, 2010

You Keep Saying That Word....

I don't think it means what you think it means...

(a little Princess Bride anyone?)

Given recent events we're beginning to wonder about a couple of words on the farm.

Word #1 FIXED

We are, of course, referring to the concept of repairing something that is broken. Other definitions of 'fixed' need not apply for this blog post.

Case in point - the truck. In December, the truck was hesitating a bit - just not up to its normal chipper self. So, we thought we'd have it looked at. First, it was the distributor cap. In order to expedite matters, we even drove to get the part. Unfortunately, it turned out to need the entire distributor replaced. Ok, now it is FIXED, right?

Nope. That clicking noise it makes when we try to start it. Ya, that one right there? Can you say starter? I thought you could. What can we say - it's a piece of machinery - we're not sure 'fixed' applies.


Anyone who has done projects around the house KNOWS this word is a false hope. One project simply begets another - or several other - project(s). In fact, those other projects often prevent the absolute completion of the first project.

An example - the roof. Yes, a little under a year ago we had the main part of our roof replaced. Wonderful and most appreciated. But, it's an old farm house - there were other parts to the roof - including that flat area over the porch. Leaked like a sieve. So, we had that changed to a slanted roof just recently. But, of course, it isn't going to be entirely finished until all of the siding issues, electrical issues and insulation issues are completed. So, it is completed except that there is still more to do!


This one simply had to be added because of the movie reference. Just the rules of the game that is blogging.

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  1. You and your Princess Bride References!

    A new distributer cap, eh? You think it'll work? It'll take a miracle.


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