Sunday, November 14, 2010

Late night stuff

In an effort to get farm news out there we throw out a late night set of blurbs in list format:

  • The turkeys are sold out at this time.  But, we have been able to link people up with some other sources.  Thank you to all who ordered birds this year and worked with us to get them delivered.  It is appreciated.
  • The kittens are growing and getting into more and more things.  The training of the humans is going forward despite some bumps in the road.
  • After the start of the season - especially June, we couldn't make ourselves believe we would be happy to see rain.  But, after many weeks with absolutely no rain - we're happy to get some.  But, it sure is hard to get used to working in cold, wet conditions.
  • Things in the high tunnel are nice and green.  It has been a pleasure working in there on cooler days.
  • The big maple tree that has been growing out of the foundation of one of our buildings is now down.  This is good.  But, now there is a big mess to clean up.
  • We are slowly, but surely, catching up with all of the paperwork that never seems to get done in late summer -early fall.  
  • We will be taking a trip to Ames on Nov 22 to present at the Iowa Organics Conference.  Should be fun.
  • We are taking deposits of $25 to hold a spot in next year's CSA.  We anticipate that next year's production will be very different from this year's.  Take that in whatever way you wish!  Suffice it to say,we are taking measures to improve production on the farm and become more resilient to adverse weather conditions.  

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