Saturday, January 8, 2011

More Veg Recommendations

We have no problem sharing what we've learned with respect to varieties that do well on our farm.  But, the key of recommendations such as these is the fact that it is very specific to our soil, regional weather patterns and our cultural practices.  So, take these for what they are worth - they work well for us AND many people in the area have taken these recommendations with success as well.

The rules of this list are that we recommend these with no reservations whatsoever.  These are, in our minds, the best of the best.  Not all veg are represented here - which probably means we don't have a variety that we give our highest recommendations.

Also, you may want to consider viewing our (slightly dated) web pages with variety reviews.  These can be found here.  All listed below are open pollinated unless you see "F1" near the name, these are hybrids.

Tomato: Amish Paste, Black Krim, German Pink, Green Zebra, Italian Heirloom, Golden Sunray, Speckled Roman, Trophy
Sweet Pepper: Golden Treasure, Jimmy Nardello's Frying Pepper, Napolean Sweet, Tolli Sweet
Hot Pepper: Wenk's Yellow Hot, Beaver Dam, Joe's Long Cayenne, Hot Portugal
Cucumber: Marketmore 97 or 76, Green Slam
Legumes: Jade (green bean)
Brassica: Kolibri (F1 kohlrabi), Red Russian (kale), Black Summer (F1 pok choi)
Root Crops: St Valery (carrot), French Breakfast (radish), Helios (radish), Chioggia (beet), Detroit Dark Red (beet), German Butterball (potato), Music (garlic), German Xtra Hardy (garlic), Sierra Blanca (F1 onion), Ailsa Craig Exhibition (onion), King Richard (leek)
Summer Squash/Zuke: Costata Romanesco (zuke), Raven (F1 zuke), Tromboncino (zuke), Sunburst Patty Pan (F1 summer squash)
Squash/Pumpkin: Musquee de Provence (pumpkin), Long Island Cheese (pumpkin), Burgess Buttercup, Waltham Butternut, Marina di Chioggia
Lettuce: Bronze Arrowhead, Pablo, Grandpa Admires, Crispmint, Forellenschus
Greens: Bloomsdale (spinach)
Herbs: Sweet Genovese (basil)
Melon: Pride of Wisconsin, Oka, Sweet Siberian (watermelon), Mountain Yellow Sweet (watermelon)
Eggplant: Rosa Bianca, Listada de Gandia, Pintung Long
Companion Flowers: State Fair Zinnia, Empress of India Nasturtium, Borage

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