Monday, February 14, 2011


It's time for more GFF terminology!  YAY!

For our first blog batch of terms, go here.

Mentor crop - often we plant successions of a crop (to spread out the harvest).  The planting that was put in earlier is often our 'mentor crop' if it is doing well.  When the new succession pokes their little heads up out of the ground, we point to the earlier crop and say, "See - that's what YOU'RE supposed to do."

Breezy - Do you wear a hat?  Well, now you don't.

Scout - the early tomatoes that often precede the main crop by 2-4 weeks.  Most tomato varieties in our fields will set a couple of tomatoes early and ripen then well before the main crop.  We figure they are checking out our farm before encouraging the rest to grow and ripen.

Door Warden - one to three of our turkeys tend to stand (or sit) in the door area of their shelter as a guard until we come to close the door at night.

Windy - That's when you close building doors so things don't blow OUT of the buildings.

Honeydew list - the list of melons we intend to grow in the coming year.

High Wind Warning - Look out!  Wasn't that the neighbor's cow blowing by?

Dumb Truck - ok, it's a new term - and we learned it from an advertisement in a free farm magazine that lists such things for sale.  There is evidently a unique Dumb Truck (only 1) for sale.  Funny that it looks like what most people would call a Dump Truck.  From now on, it is a Dumb Truck!

Nibster - Both of the little feline type creatures that live in our house are nibsters.  Nibster is what you get if you shift your right hand to the left one spot (as a touch typest).  See if you can figure it out.

Misplaced - Things that were not properly anchored or put away prior to a period of wind.

High Speed Internet - Oh, wait.  That one belongs in our myth list on the farm.  Put it between "weed-free" and "on-schedule".

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